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The Wisdom of Listening by Marilyn R. Wilson

Book Details:

Book Title: The Wisdom of Listening: Pieces of Gold from a Decade of Interviewing and Life by Marilyn R. Wilson

Category: Adult Non-fiction, 220 pages

Genre: Self-Esteem, Motivational, Personal Transformation

Publisher: Real People - Real Lives Press

Release date: May 28, 2018

Tour dates: Sept 24 to Oct 12, 2018

Content Rating: G

Book Description:

The next time you're out in public, take a moment to look around you. Each and every person you see holds wisdom in their pockets--pieces of gold they've accumulated as they walked their own unique life journey.

Within these pages, Marilyn shares some of the many pieces of gold she has received over her decade-long career. They have been offered to her during interviews, through random encounters and while facing difficult challenges. The most important? We are each unique and exactly who we are meant to be.

Are you ready to dig for gold? All you need to do is be brave, be present in the moment and be open to the possibilities--then start a conversation.

Praise for The Wisdom of Listening:

"Every life has a story and, no matter our background, we share similar hopes, dreams and fears. This book not only gives you insight into the varied lives of its subjects but, through Marilyn's reflections, shows how we each walk a similar spiritual path."

- Robbin Whachell, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Bahamas Weekly

"Marilyn shows us, through her compassionate and incisive interviews, how to grasp and link those golden moments, like sparkling prisms of light, into an animated and profound acceptance of ourselves, the people we encounter, the relationships we build, and the dreams that will set us free."

- Gabriella Contestabile, Author, Founder of Su Misura Sensory Journeys

“I was reminded we are collectively each walking our own paths, but often experience similar emotions, feelings, obstacles, challenges, triumphs, rewards and successes. We all learn as we go and we all become wiser as time passes. This is humanity. The diversity in each of us as a whole is awesome.”

- RozeMerie Cuevas, Co-Founder and Designer at JAC by Jacqueline Conoir

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Meet the Author:

Marilyn R. Wilson is a freelance writer, published author and speaker with a passion for interviewing. Her career as a writer began in an unusual way: by answering a Craigslist ad from a NYC magazine. The world shifted when she conducted her first interview—she had found her passion.

Since 2006, she has interviewed over a hundred and fifty people from around the globe, co-owned a local magazine, wrote freelance for others, worked as an editor, published two books and provided author support for her publisher. Her goal as an author -- to give wings to the stories of others and to pay forward some of the many "pieces of gold" received during interviews - bits of wisdom that have changed her life.

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Interview for T's Stuff
by Marilyn R. Wilson

Why did you chose to write in this genre?

The type of books I write evolved from the many years I spent interviewing, so I guess the genre chose me. I have always been fascinated by people – where do they come from, how does their life differ from mine, how do they think, what are their struggles, what gives them joy? My life shifted completely during my first interview. There were constant goosebumps and I instantly knew I'd found my passion. I have been inspired, uplifted, learned self-acceptance and grown as a person simply by listening to the stories of others. When I shifted from writing short magazine articles to books where I could offer these stories in greater depth, I chose the genre and categories that best fit the focus of my books.

What are the challenges you faced starting your career as a writer at a later age?

Stepping into a career in writing after being out of the work force for several years, and with no relevant degree or experience behind me, was sheer hard work.  No one was waiting with open arms saying, “Marilyn, we're so glad you're here.” There weren't even doors to open. I had to build my own doors and it took a bit of imagination to figure out how. We also live in a society that tends focus on youth. When I started out co-owning a fashion magazine, I was often the only woman my age in the room at events. I remember once being asked to step out of a group of mostly 20 somethings at a photo op wall so media could get the shot they wanted.  However, nothing can hold back someone who is determined. I simply focus on the doors that are open to me, look for new and innovative approaches to marketing and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Was the writing process any different the second time around?

Absolutely.  While writing my first book I was filled with terrible self-doubt.  What should have taken six months took 18, and I only crossed the finish line because of the incredible support I received. Writing a book filled with mini biographies can also be more technical as you are writing from notes. Feedback and requested changes come in from the interviewee, my publisher and my editor. My second book was a passion project. In it I shared my personal journey as an interviewer along with some of the wonderful bits of wisdom handed to me over the years.  There were no notes to look at. I simply had a list of chapter titles. The words poured out of me in a torrent and I had most of it written in just three weeks. It was a joyful experience.

However, there was a downside.  When you write slowly and carefully with lots of feedback, the editing process is usually is easy. When the words pour out onto the page, the editing process can be lot more difficult as you have to find order in the chaos. And that proved very true in this case.

As an avid  lifelong reader, is there one book that stands out? Why?

I love books of almost all genres.  My childhood love for science fiction has never gone away, but I also love mystery, intrigue, political thrillers and easy read chic lit.  Every time I leave on holiday, I load at least 15 books in my ancient Sony e-reader. Over the years, though, one book still rises to the top for me. It's called the Doomsday Book by Connie Willis.  It's set in the future where pandemics are always a threat and time travel is used in universities for historical purposes only.

In this book, the technician running the time machine is getting seriously ill and accidentally sends a young female researcher back to the wrong place in time. She arrives just before the Black Death hits the small community she takes refuge. Fortunately her inoculations protect her, but she struggles to protect and care for those around her.  In the future, we follow the panic, fear and growing restrictions as a possible pandemic breaks out. It is a fabulous five star book that I consumed from start to finish.

Why this book stands out is because I read it in 2003 just a few months before the SARS epidemic hit hard in Toronto. People from the area were banned from cruise ships; the airport was a ghost town; flights in and our were cancelled; visiting tourist cancelled their travel plans to the city; concerts were cancelled;  restaurants were empty; and people wore masks on the streets. The parallels were startling. I was astounded at how a fiction book I read only a few months earlier had somehow come alive in the news – well except the time travel.

What's next for you as an author?

I have two books in the works and several more on the drawing board. And every time I turn around another idea pops into my head. Will I get them all written? In all honesty I do not know.  I will write until I feel like I've finished and then I'll look around for what's next. Life is an exciting adventure with new things to explore every step of the way. I never know when my life will turn left and I'll decide to take another leap into the unknown.

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