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Reckless Beginnings by Tina Hogan Grant

Reckless Beginnings
by Tina Hogan Grant


GENRE: Women’s Fiction  (based on true events)



Tammy Mellows, a fourteen-year-old native of England, was shocked when her father and troubled older sister, Donna, moved to the States.

With her family now separated by divorce and divided by an ocean, Tammy felt helpless when she learned Donna had run away and couldn’t be found.

Thanks to her father insisting she stay behind in England to finish school, Tammy could do nothing for the next three years but pray that Donna would be found safe.

When Tammy’s lifelong dream of moving to the States was finally fulfilled, she had high hopes of looking for Donna. But with no leads and faced with turmoil in her own life, there wasn’t much Tammy could do.

After a forbidden secret love affair and a catastrophic dispute with her father, Tammy eventually meets Steven, settles down and has his child, only to discover he is a heroin addict. Thrown into a life of drugs and violence. Shadowed by his addiction, she becomes the silent and forgotten one. Living in fear of what Steven might be capable of and struggling alone to provide for her young son.

What consequences might she face if she leaves Steven? Is she ever going to find her sister alive? Will she have enough courage to conquer the impossible challenges of her twisted world and still come out on top?


Excerpt Two:
When she opened the door, she froze. Time stood still. Subconsciously, her jaw dropped. Before her stood an extremely handsome man holding a bottle of red wine. This was Raymond? Dad’s friend? Was her first thought. He was tall with short brown hair, a broad, dark moustache, and high cheekbones that looked chiseled into his somewhat chubby cheeks, which had a slight distinction of redness to them—in an attractive way. Tammy wasn’t sure if he was cold or just blushing, but as she stood in the doorway staring at him, Tom Selleck came to mind.She lost herself in his deep blue eyes, framed by long, thick black eyelashes. When he flashed a heart-warming smile, she found herself being drawn in even more. He wore blue jeans, blue loafers, and a blue and white checked shirt with the top buttons undone, revealing a few dark chest hairs.

Joanne had told her that he was just a few years younger than her father, but he seemed a lot younger. She could feel her heart rate increasing and soon realized she’d been staring at him in silence with her mouth drooped open like a puppy dog. She’d been staring at him in silence with her mouth drooped open like a puppy dog.

He spoke softly, albeit with a hint of nervousness, in a manly, alluring voice. “Er, hi. Is John home? You must be his daughter. Tammy, right?”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Tina Hogan Grant was born in England and grew up in a small town on the Yorkshire Moors. She is the youngest daughter of science fiction author, James P. Hogan. After moving to California, she became a commercial lobster fisherwoman, fishing off the coast of Southern California for ten years with her husband Gordon.

For fourteen years, she’d had a notion of writing her debut novel “Reckless Beginnings”. But it wasn’t until the sudden death of her father in 2010 and a battle with breast cancer a year later that she made the decision to get it done. Seven years later, she finally completed it. She is now working on a sequel titled, “Better Endings.”

She currently resides with her husband in the small mountain community of Frazier Park in Southern California. Together they enjoy anything that involves the outdoors, fishing, hiking, kayaking and riding quads.

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INTERVIEW with Tina Hogan Grant
What would we find under your bed?
Oh my, probably a lot of dust. I’ve not looked under there in ages.  Maybe an odd shoe. The other probably got tossed out because it’s mate couldn’t be found. I know we are storing some 16”sq tile under there. Left overs from our bathroom remodel. Other than that whatever is under there has been forgotten.
What was the scariest moment of your life?
I thought being diagnosed with breast cancer would have been my most scariest moment and at the time it was. It was a life changing moment that made me realize just how precious life is and how we should never take anything for granted and don’t procrastinate, because tomorrow may never come. But during my treatment of surgery, radiation and tamoxifen I developed blood clots. Not just one but eight. Five on my lungs and 3 behind my knee. They were discovered because I casually mentioned to my oncologist that I was constantly out of breath. I am usually a very active person, so this was not normal. After ordering a ultra sound the blood clots were discovered and I was rushed to the trauma unit where the doctors immediately injected blood thinner into my body. I was admitted and stayed in the hospital for four days until the blood clots had dissolved. I was then put on Warfarin for six months. This scared me more than the cancer did. If dislodged blood clots can travel through your body and up to your brain where they can kill you instantly.     
Do you listen to music while writing? If so what?
When I write, I have to have complete silence. Any kind of noise is distracting for me. I have tried soft music, even classical in the background but I find myself humming to the tune and not paying attention to my writing.
What is something you'd like to accomplish in your writing career next year?
I am currently working on a sequel for “Reckless Beginnings” titled “Better Endings. I’m hoping (If i discipline myself) to have it completed by June 2019 and ready for the publishing stage. I would also like to have a series of short stories completed that have mulled around in my head and on bits of paper for a few years. These I plan ons starting as soon as the second book is completed.
How long did it take you to write this book?

My book “Reckless Beginnings” had been an idea in my head for over fifteen years. When my father died suddenly and  a year later I was diagnosed with breast cancer I began to get serious about it. It then took another three years to write and eight months for the editing to be completed.  I hope the second book doesn’t take that long.


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