Monday, October 29, 2018

Into the Light by Megan Hetherington

Title: Into the Light
Author: Megan Hetherington
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 24, 2018


A dramatic story of love and hurt and everything in between.

Rosa is deeply traumatised by her husband's betrayal and struggles to
come to terms with what her life has become.

Helped by her sister, she is encouraged to date and finds the potential
to love again with the enigmatic Kane. He is not quite what he seems on first
meeting, and has his own demons to contend with. Will they stay together or
will he turn out to be the one that she has to measure all others against?

A powerful, emotional, steamy romance with characters that will live on in your heart.

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He shuffles the chair to close the gap between us and moves
his face in toward mine. 
A rough
hand cups my jawline, the callouses on his palm grazing against my cheekbone. I
turn my mouth to kiss the heel of his palm and his hand drags up into my hair,
tugging on the strands as he pulls me onto his lips. 
They are firm
and demanding and he pushes mine apart with his tongue, deepening the
I need to be closer and wrap my arms around his neck so I
can sit up onto his lap.

He slips a
hand into my dress and caresses my breast. There is no padding to my underwear
and I can tell from the way his movements are becoming more urgent, and by the
groans reverberating into my mouth, that he likes it. 
His hand
drifts below my breast and halts on my stomach.
“What are
you wearing?” he growls into my neck.
“I need to
see it. Now.”
His hands
come together and untie the ribbon that keeps the dress wrapped. It falls on
either side of my body, revealing my white lace teddy.  He pushes me up to
a standing position and 
pulls at the sleeves of my dress, letting
it pool to the ground. His eyes darken as they rake over my body.

I’m stood
in just the underwear that I thought I would be shy of uncovering in the
privacy of his bedroom and now I’m here in his garden, under a full lit moon,
for all around to see.
I don’t
does he.
He presses
his nose into my stomach and I feel him take a deep breath before he places a
hot kiss on my belly button. His nose drags down to my sex and he lazily pushes
my ankle up and over his shoulder.
Jesus, is he really going to do this here? Now?

Author Bio

Megan Hetherington is a wife, and mom to two teenage kids.
She lives in Yorkshire (aka as God’s county) in the UK.
Her passion is writing and she does it listening to music
and drinking coffee (or more likely, red wine).
When there’s a deadline to meet you can usually find her in
the garden trying to unsuccessfully tame nature or snuggled on the sofa
watching a romance movie.
She loves to travel with her husband, and places they visit
often pop up in her stories.
Of course, she’s a sucker for a HEA.

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