Wednesday, October 31, 2018

7 Halloween Costumes You Can Easily Put Together

7 Halloween Costumes You Can Easily Put

Halloween is the time when adults can dress up and roam the city without looking like complete lunatics. Buying Halloween costumes might be an expensive option. You will not be wearing the vampire costume that you bought from Amazon more than once or twice. Expensive costumes are not what you need to enjoy the spirit of Halloween. You can create your own Halloween costumes at home with what you have in your closet. Here are some easy DIY costumes ideas.
You do not have to paint yourself yellow to become an emoji. There are many human emojis that you can mimic. Buy lace front wigs with bangs online and pair them with glasses and a pink T-shirt to match the teacher Emoji. Buy lace front wigs with bangs online and put on a blue T-shirt to become the girl emoji. Going with a friend? Buy matching lace front wigs with bangs, make a pair of bunny ears, put on a black T-shirt and a pair of black shorts and wear a pair of black socks; strike the dancing girl emoji pose. Look at your phone to find the perfect  emoji costume.
A pair of chunky glasses is pretty much all that you need to invest in. Wrap white tape around the bridge of the glasses. Wear a white shirt and pull your pants high above your waist. Put some gel in your hair and comb it flat. You can add suspenders and carry a calculator to complete the look.
Corporate Zombie
Pull out the oldest suit your own or borrow one that is bigger than you. A tattered suit from your nearest thrift store can be even better. With the corporate zombie look your make up is what completes the look. Zombie make up tutorials can help you complete your undead look.
Have you been dying to wear your yellow and black sweater but too scared you will look like a bee? Halloween is the time to pull it out from the back of your closet. Find a pair of black leggings. Take a hair band and two ping pong balls to put together your antennae. If you want to take your look further, then you can create a stinger and attach it to your leggings.
A black dress is pretty much all you need to create the base of your Sia costume. You do need to buy the two-tone lace front wigs with bangs online to complete the signature look. The giant bow can be made at home or bought from Etsy.
Instagram Photo
You literally can wear anything if you are going for this look. Just get a large cut out of the Instagram picture frame. Hold the cut out in front of you and strike poses.
Error 404
This might be the easiest costume to create for Halloween. Take a plain white T-shirt and some black paint. Write “ERROR 404- HALLOWEEN COSTUME NOT FOUND” and you are set. You can do this with any colored old plain T-shirt. You do not need makeup, you do not need accessories, and you do not need to buy lace front wigs with bangs online.

These are a few easy Halloween costumes that you can explore. For more ideas, use your imagination or search engines.

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