Friday, September 7, 2018

Charmast Bluetooth in Ear Headphones Wireless Earphones Magnetic Earbubs IPX4

I had the chance to experience these headphones for myself. I was very impressed with the sound quality. The sound is a very crisp and clear sound. They seem to be perfectly balanced. I was able to play different types of music as well as audiobooks. I use headphones a lot at home and on the go. In the car my husband likes to listen to Sci-Fi audiobooks, that is not my thing so I put in headphones and either listen to my music or audiobooks from my phone or MP3 player. At home I don't always care for what is on tv so I will either listen to or music, audiobooks, watch Netflix or Youtube on my computer, tablet, or phone. Over the years I have used many different headphones and these I really like.

These headphones are wireless and bluetooth. The paired very easily and quickly with my phone, tablet, and computer. The earbuds themselves are very comfortable and come with 2 types of earbud covers and 3 sizes of each. They also come in a very nice zippered case to keep everything together and safe. You also get a charging cable, a small carabiener, and hooks to put on the connector cord to keep them in place, like you can add one to place on your shirt color. I also love the fact that these are magnetic. The headphone ends magnet together so when not in your ears they can be wrapped around your neck and secured so they are not dangling.

On a full charge you can get up to 6-10 hours of continuous Talk / Music at moderate volume. These headphones are also waterproof and sweatproof. They are noise cancelling and one of the best parts is they are Signal enhanced so you can be up to 45 feet from your device. I can actually lay my phone down and clean my house instead of moving the phone around with me, and I can even use it from my laptop in another room.

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I either received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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