Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Witch's Touch by Rosie Wylor-Owen

Witch's Touch
Rosie Wylor-Owen

Urban Fantasy

are going missing. Felons or not, Detective Meeks is duty-bound to
find them, with little to go on but a suspicious encounter between
the latest missing person and a local business owner. As the case
unravels, Meeks struggles to make sense of a world he thought he
understood. Yet this twist of fate could be his chance to truly
making a difference to the community he holds dear.

Solanke is used to making waves, but never with the police. The last
person to see the latest missing criminal, she is dragged to the
heart of a police investigation. A small business owner in the eyes
of the community, behind closed doors Amanda and her partner Leona
guard a magical secret. The closer they are watched, the closer
Amanda and Leona come to facing the ultimate danger: exposure.

Do you think anyone noticed?” he asked.
Not a soul,” Amanda said, grinning when he raised an eyebrow.
Very funny, ‘Manda.” He squared his shoulders, casting another glance over one of them just in case. “This one’s a fighter.”
I always thought possessing people must get easier with practice,” she said, sipping her cocktail. “Getting a bit rusty, Leona?”
After all this time, she still found difficulty in referring to her partner whilst she co-habited another person’s body. Particularly someone as detestable as Daniel Hill.
Leona – or Daniel – rolled their eyes.
Only a Witch would assume it’s easy. Well, maybe a Valkyrie too. Shall we go?”
All right. Whenever you’re ready.”
Amanda paused, adopted her best glower and threw the rest of her cocktail into Hill’s scrunched face.
How dare you!” she exclaimed. “I’ve known pigs with better manners!”
Snatching up her handbag, Amanda did her best to stomp in her stilettoes towards the door.

Wylor-Owen was born in Worcester, England at the height of baggy
jeans and boy-band popularity. Her work has been featured in the
literary magazines The Fiction Pool, Anti-Heroin Chic and Ariel
Chart, and the Manawaker Studios Podcast. Her short story "Arm-in-Arm
with Alchemy" was accepted for publication by Otter Libris for
inclusion in the anthology "Magical Crime Scene Investigation."
In February 2018 she won third place in the Fiction Writer's Global
flash fiction contest for her story "In Exchange for Your Sins".

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