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NBtM Tour Lovesick Titans by Amanda Meuwissen

Lovesick Titans
by Amanda Meuwissen


GENRE:   Gay Romance, Superhero



Not even a Titan can always stand up to a God.

Malcom Cho is in over his head, wrapped up in a love affair with his superhero nemesis Zeus, who most people in Olympus City only know as Detective Danny Grant.

Lovesick Titans begins where Lovesick Gods left off, after a heist gone wrong that ended with a museum guard dead and Mal and Danny beaten and exhausted from their fight with the new threat in town, Cassidy Ludgate—Hades.

Unaware that Ludgate’s true motivation is revenge for the death of his father at Zeus’s hands, Mal wants only to keep Danny close, while Danny races to solve the cases surrounding Ludgate to stop him from whatever he has planned for them next.

What Mal doesn’t know is that Danny didn’t pursue him with the purest of intentions but sought to break his heart in retaliation for not being there when he needed him in the fight against Thanatos. Even though Danny no longer seeks that end, the lies between them loom like a shadow about to descend upon them both.

And Hades has only begun to toy with them…


Excerpt Two:

“Giving up already, Danny? You really are pathetic.”

Danny barely flinched at hearing his own voice coming from the mirrors across the room. Andre hadn’t finished a version of the Miasma Maker for the house yet. By tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest, he’d said. Maybe Andre would have pushed harder if Danny had told anyone he was being haunted by his reflection.

“Go away, Ludgate. Aren’t you getting enough of what you want? You could steal anything that suited you and I couldn’t lift a finger. If you’re not going to kill me, then just go away.” He wondered if he could fight back if Ludgate attacked him. He didn’t seem to have the energy to even raise his head.

“Looking to take the easy way out? Figures. Everything that makes you worth something you’ve already ruined. Better to get out clean now before you drag anyone else through the mud, right?”

Danny’s hand clenched tighter around the pill bottle. He dragged himself up from the bed and glared at his reflection, hating it—which was only too easy these days. “What do you even want from me?” he hissed, afraid to yell and bring John or Joey running. “You’ve already won. Even if we catch you someday, you won. You’re a better thief than Prometheus, and you’ve proven Zeus can’t stop you. So what do you want?”  

The smug smirk on his reflection’s face made him want to punch it, but he knew that wouldn’t do any good. Even the half-healed burns that made Danny's skin feel tight and sore while speaking didn't seem to bother his reflection. But of course they wouldn’t bother him. The reflection wasn’t really Danny.

“It’s funny, you know,” the man in the mirror said. The pill bottle wasn’t in his hand; he didn’t need it. He seemed to walk closer to Danny, filling the mirror, which made Danny step closer too. “Funny that you think I’m Ludgate,” he said and then vanished just as Danny heard a whisper at his ear, “and not just in your head.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Amanda Meuwissen has been writing and posting online for many years, including maintaining the website and blog for the software company Outsell. She is an avid writer and consumer of fiction through film, prose, and video games, and is the author of the paranormal romance trilogy The Incubus Saga and young adult novel Life as a Teenage Vampire. Amanda lives in Minneapolis, MN, with her husband, John, and their two cats.

Author web links:
Interview with Amanda Meuwissen

1. Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?

Every time. I’ve often said that I don’t create stories, I discover them, and the characters lead me from beginning to end. If I’m ever having trouble writing a scene or section, it means I’m not listening well enough and sometimes I need to step back and maybe even start over to get it right. It’s very freeing and in the end makes for a better narrative when I let the character tell me their story rather than trying to force it a certain direction. Sometimes it brings big surprises, character reveals or even deaths, but it always leads to a better book because, in the end, it’s the truth.

2. Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.

It’s fantasy the way fantasy should be – a reflection of reality shown in fantastical ways. It’s still about trauma and mental health and relationships and recovery, but through the guise of heroes and villains and amazing powers. It’s a love story but just as much about learning to love yourself as another person, and in the end, after writing it, I felt better about me and my own struggles, rejuvenating not only my love for my husband, which writing always does for me, but reminding me that at the darkest times there is always a way back into the light.

3. Have you written any other books that are not published?

Yes, one in production now, A Model Escort, through Dreamspinner Press, which is more contemporary gay romance, set for a 2019 release, another gay fantasy romance about a merman, Coming Up for Air, currently being reviewed by my publisher, and many in the editing stage. I shoot for at least one book a year and never stop writing.

4. Pen or type writer or computer?

When I was younger I was all about handwriting and then typing things up later (always pencil, never pen, I hate pens, lol), but these days I am just such a faster typer, I never handwrite anymore. Honestly, I probably spend even more time writing with my pointer finger on my phone during bus commutes as I do on my laptop keyboard. I have terrible handwriting, which they say is a mark of genius (maybe, hopefully!) but it does prove my brain is moving faster than my hand can write, but at least my fingers typing can keep up a little better.

5. Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

My fans inspire so much of my books, from comments and discussion to just plain encouragement. I love talking with fans at conventions or online, and I hope to always have more future conversations because fans have helped lead me to my next novel many times over. I do this for me, sure, but I also do it for you, because the community experience is what I really love. Hearing that I made someone’s day better, that I gave them a book they wished they’d had in high school, or that they have a brighter outlook because of a tale I told, all of it reminds me why this was the only profession I could have imagined choosing.


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