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Miss Behave by Traci Highland

MISS BEHAVE by Traci Highland, Romantic Comedy, 330 pp., $14.00 (paperback) $4.99 (Kindle)

Title: Miss Behave (The Anderson Family Series Book 1)

Author: Traci Highland

Publisher: Cheshire Lane Press

Pages: 330

Genre: Romantic Comedy

She’s great at giving advice, too bad she never takes it…

Piper Anderson wants to be a serious journalist at a serious paper
covering serious news. Instead, she’s stuck at the Pendleton Falls
Herald, where her massive investigative skills are wasted penning the
paper’s advice column, Miss Behave.

Her shot at a meaty story comes when she’s assigned to write up a
profile of a local business, Brookes Jewelers. She is determined to
write the piece so she can use the article to impress a real paper.

Unfortunately Hunter Brookes, co-owner of Brookes Jewelers and the
Pendleton Falls Herald, is rather persistent, in his own hot little way,
that the piece should be nothing more than a glorified sales pitch.

But when diamonds disappear, Piper may get the chance to do a real
investigation, leading her to confront family secrets and worst of all,
turn to her mother for help.

Piper soon realizes that there is more to Mr. Brookes than a tight
ass and a ridiculous fascination with name tags. Together they deal with
roasted pigs, crazy cat ladies, and gun-toting fashionistas.

In all the chaos, they just might find the one thing that neither one was looking for: true love.




Dear Miss Behave,
Last weekend I was at the pool
with the children, and there was a woman naked and walking around the locker
I hate to be prissy, but to be
naked around young children like that just isn’t right.  She comes to the pool regularly and I am not
the only one who has happened upon her strolling around the locker room without
clothes.  Now I know there are showers
and that people change in locker rooms, but showers should be taken while
wearing bathing suits and there are private changing rooms that are clearly
How can I convey to her the
accepted rules of decency before any of our children become hopelessly

-Agape at the AquaPark

Dear Agape,
Do please get over yourself.
People shower naked.  If you choose not
to, then I assume you probably smell and your skin is beset by odd rashes. 
I suggest that you buy your
kids an ice-cream and treat yourself to a margarita.  Life is short, darling. Lighten up.
Miss Behave


Traci Highland writes funny books for sassy ladies.  She is a
graduate of Bryn Mawr College and has a Master’s from Quinnipiac
University.  She uses this education to write books, bake cakes, garden
and make homemade jams.  Her children say she’s bossy, her husband says
she’s high-maintenance, but the dog thinks she’s perfect.



Interview Traci Highland

How did you come up with name of this book?
The book was named after the advice column of the main character, Piper.  Piper wants to be a serious journalist but was assigned the advice column, Miss Behave.  Piper hates writing the column and decides that she is going to give the worst advice possible and hopefully get taken off the assignment.  For example, here is one of the columns:

Dear Miss Behave,
I met this bearded god, Matt, the other week and am completely in love.  The only thing is that he lives in the country on a farm and I’m not so sure about farm life.  I’m all about sunshine and the great outdoors, but a farm? Let’s not go crazy.
But he loves me and I love him and I don’t know what to do.
City Girl

Dear City Girl,
The other week?  That’s barely enough time to know where or not he uses that spray before he poops, pumpkin!
You really must get to know him a bit more before throwing aside the trappings of civilization and going all Green Acres.
But if, say, six months from now you are both still completely smitten, well, then, don’t let a little manure get in the way of true love.
Love and Whatever they Drink on Farms,
-Miss Behave

Do you read yourself and if so what is your favorite genre?
All the time!  Well, I love romantic comedies, like Sophie Kinsella and Kristen Higgins, of course, and read a lot of romance in general, contemporary and historical.  Also, I have an undying love for urban fantasy. Kelly Armstrong, Anne Bishop, Kim Harrison, all are big favorites of mine.

Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why?
I have to write in absolute silence, I have no idea as to why!  But I can edit to music, which is odd, because I really feel like the books come together during the editing process.

What do you feel you can accomplish with this book?
I want to make as many people laugh as I can.

What is your next project?
My next project is the sequel to Miss Behave, Miss Management, that focuses on Piper’s sister, Mags, and her ill temper. 

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