Tuesday, August 21, 2018

e-HOME 50ft Garden Hose with Spray Nozzle

I received the e-HOME 50ft Garden Hose with Spray Nozzle. It’s made of TPE material which is Eco-friendly, corrosion-resistance, anti-ageing and lightweight. The adapter is suitable for faucet with diameter 0.5 in - 0.74 in it comes with 1 50FT Garden Hose, 1 ABS Plastic Grip, 1 3/4” Brass Connector, 1 Garden Hose Adapter, 2 Quick Connectors, and 3 Rubber Gaskets. It is super easy to put together. You install the brass connector to the spigot simply by twisting it on. Then you put the snap in the quick connector which does take quite a bit of pressure and you want to make sure you hear the click. Then if you want to install the spray nozzle you simply just push it in and connect it. You can put the whole thing together in probably less than 3 minutes.

My husband enjoys it’s because it takes up much less space than the traditional round water hoses. I enjoy it’s a yellow hose because if I forget to put it up I don’t have to worry about accidentally running it over. Much like all water hoses make sure to drain the hose before putting it up and try not to leave it in the sun, you do want to put it up between uses.

I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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