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All That Doesn't by Tracy Krimmer

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This is my stop during the book blitz for All That Doesn’t by Tracy Krimmer. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 20 till 21 August. See the tour schedule here.

All That Doesn'tAll That Doesn’t (All That #2)

By Tracy Krimmer

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Women’s Fiction

Age category: Adult

Release Date: August 20, 2018


After a devastating end to her marriage, Dory Walker has rebuilt her life in her hometown of Sycamore Bay. She’s left her music career behind and is only looking forward to her future with her rekindled love, Harris Malone.

Single dad Harris is doing his best to guide his young daughter and take the reins of his soon to be retired dad’s hardware store. With Dory by his side, he can do anything.

But just when Dory thought she had it all, a surprise visitor turns her world upside down with a revelation that threatens to tear her family apart. She turns to Harris for help, but he’s caught up trying to save his relationship with his daughter. Can the bond between Dory and Harris survive these turbulent times?

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Excerpt #1:
She had some nerve calling me a liar. This woman was a stranger, and she had no insight into my life or my grandmother. What made her think she could walk in off the street and make such a proclamation? Only one thing came to mind. “Are you looking for money?”
“I don’t have any if that’s what you want.” 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Sure, she did. She was probably an ex-fan who thought she’d had this elaborate scheme to blackmail me for money. Well, the joke was on her since Dylan took everything I had. Now I brought home a respectable and realistic paycheck. I saved my money—and did an awesome job of it—and maintained a budget. I lived a normal life, and I finally loved it. 
“If you haven’t been following the news, I don’t sing anymore, and I can’t give you anything.”
Chandra nodded, grasping the point I was making. “Oh. Yeah, I’m aware of who you are. I swear that’s not why I’m here, though.” She stood from the chair and buttoned up her jacket. With a swing of her head to the right, her hair flung behind her back. “Don’t brush me off. I came to you first, hoping you could prepare Stella. I plan on coming to the house the day after tomorrow.” I prevented myself from gripping the scissors when she approached me, reaching past me for a pen and a sheet of paper. “Here’s where I’m staying, and here’s my cell number. Call or text if you want to talk. Otherwise, I’ll see you in two days.” She slid the paper next to me, and I didn’t move.
I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything at all. I stood at the counter until she unlocked the door and left. 
I somehow knew that wasn’t the last I’d seen of her.
Excerpt #2:
“Chandra’s in the car.”
“She’s what?” 
“She’s in the car. She can’t go back to the hotel.”
Still threading her hook through the yarn, she added, “You better not tell me she’s staying here.”
“Fine. I won’t tell you since you just said it.”
She shook her head back and forth as her lips tightened. Her rock became more fierce, and I feared she’d come flying off the chair.
“Aren’t you going to say anything?”
“What can I say, Dory? You blatantly ignored my request—no, my demand—to keep this child out of my life.”
“She’s not a child, Grandma. She’s a grown woman. Don’t you think you can find a little empathy in your heart to give this woman a family?”
“What did you say to me? Dory—“
The doorbell rang interrupting her thought. I told Chandra to wait in the car. Maybe this was better. Now it forced Grandma to face the truth. That’s not the way I wanted to do it, but I couldn’t very well throw Chandra out on her butt or send her back to … wherever she came from. I needed to find out where that was.
Grandma threw her crocheting items onto the floor. “I am not happy with you, young lady. Go get the door. I’ll start a pot of coffee because Lord knows I’m going to need it.”

First book in this series

All That Glitters

“A has-been country music star. A divorced dad from a small town. Almost a decade of bottled up passion...”


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Tracy KrimmerAbout the Author:

Tracy Krimmer loves coffee, popcorn, Drew Barrymore, and the movie Saving Silverman. She enjoys reading great books (of course) and writing realistic characters for you to enjoy. When she listens to music she prefers the 80s and 90s music she grew up on. In a typical day you’ll find her writing at one of her favorite spots--on the couch, at the kitchen table, or at her favorite hometown coffee shop.

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