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Victimly Insane by George Kayer

True Crime Interview
Published: September 2017
Publisher: Freebird Publishing

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In this book length interview an innocent Frank Atwood reveals from Death Row what the public and jurors have never heard and what the lynch mob media never wanted to print: how this sweet, rosy-cheeked, silver-spooned teen who went by Frankie J. arrived at perversity and at the crossroads of victim and victimizer.

Chapter One

Prelude to Insantity

In this book-length interview, an innocent Frank Atwood reveals from Death Row the information the public and the jurors had never heard, and the story the lynch mob media doesn’t want you to read: How this sweet, rosy-cheeked, silver spoon teen, who went by “Frankie J,” arrived at perversity, at the crossroads of victim and victimizer, and the precise manner in which he intrepidly and painfully clawed his way out of a victim’s dungeon and a victimizer’s lachrymose guilt.
Frankie J was a normal, silver spoon kid, raised during the 1960’s in what many have described as like the TV shows Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best idyllic lifestyle. One summer day in 1970 at age 14 Frankie J and his 11-year-old friend were kidnapped. In the ensuing hours, the kids witnessed a molester in his twenties forcing young, na├»ve Frankie J to be fellated, a tragedy compounded by Frankie J having to confront his attacker in court several weeks later.[1]

The pubescent Frankie J had been commonly characterized as emotionally sensitive, a vulnerability having endured significant distortion from his sexual traumas, resulting in his psychologist, Dr. Brandt, recommending attendance at the Melrose School in the autumn of 1970. This is an educational school designed for silver spoon children with emotional difficulties.

During our three months of interviews, today’s Frank Atwood depicted in detail the warpage in thinking patterns sustained, the onset of a deviant attitude having plagued the once innocent, but now defiled child. This permanent damage to Frankie J (and to all childhood sexual assault victims) was undoubtedly consequential.

About the Author

George Kayer was first published at age 14; gave up his God given talent for a life of crime and wound up on Arizona’s Death Row in 1997. The Pen Pal and Author Nancy Miars encouraged George to begin writing again – 20 years later he is America’s most published prisoner and Victimly Insane is his optimum work to date.

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