Monday, July 16, 2018

Q4Travel Waterproof Travel Organizer Storage Bag

Great travel case for makeup or undergarments from Q4Travel.The bag features 4 small elastic pouches inside the top, a zippered bag that velcro's in the the back side, and a nice deep inside storage area. This has a double zipper on the outside and a handle for easy carry. It is waterproof so you don't have to worry about stuff spilling inside the bag and leaking out onto your clothing or whatever in your suitcase. you also don't have to worry about stuff on the outside getting into the beg and ruining things as well. This bag makes traveling with small items easier. You can put your makeup, toiletries, medications, even your undergarments inside. It is also good if you are like when I am on vacation I like to collect small trinkets and souvenirs. Sometimes they can be small rocks or seashells, magnets and things like that. I also keep all of my receipts so when my credit card statements come I can double check them. This bag is great even when you are not traveling. It would be good in the car for keeping all your small items in easy reach, charge cords, ink pens or whatever. At home you can keep makeup, sewing supplies, and more in easy reach. It is such a useful bag.
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