Sunday, July 1, 2018

Called from Beyond The Spirit Guide: Ghosts and Haunted Houses By: Caroline Clark

I listened to book 3 first and really enjoyed it. I actually enjoyed it more then this book but then again usually the books do tend to get better as you go through a series. I am not saying that this book is bad in anyway. I did really enjoy it at well. Caroline Clark has done a great job with this book and this series. Jennifer Gilmour narrates the book and I loved her accent. IT really added to the story for me as it is based in the UK.

In the story Jesse was able to see ghosts as a child, but now as an adult he no longer sees them. He does have several spirit guides who show up to help him through trials in life. Gail is Jesse's girlfriend. She was a non believer until the ghosts healed her and brought her back from the brink of death, oh and now she is able to see spirits. Jesse ad Gail decide to open a Paranormal business to free stuck spirits and to help people being haunted.

Mark and Alissa are good friends of Jesse and Gail. One night after an evening together at Jesse's house Mark and Alissa gt into a terrible car accident. Alissa is killed. Mark swears a lady in white stepped into the road and he swerved to miss her. This is how the accident happened.

Jesse and Gail try to help Mark with his grieving. At first he just wants to be alone. He buys and Ouija Board to try and contact Alissa. The trouble starts when it is not Alissa he makes contact with but another spirit pretending to be Alissa, He receives Facebook messages and texts from Alissa's account wanting him to join her. 

Jesse and Gail step in to help him get rid of the spirit if it isn't too late. 

I can't wait to get the rest of this series. I love books featuring ghosts.

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