Monday, July 16, 2018

4Tech 32GB Micro SD Card Class 10 Memory Chip

Nice 32 GB Micro SD card. Works with cameras, phones, tablets, MP3 players, dash cams, GPS and pretty much anything that will take a micro SD card. Does not come with the adapter. I needed a new Micro SD card for my tablet. Mine was only an 8 GB and it was full. I don't use my tablet for much more then reading and occasional surfing the web. I do have a couple of games for myself. Most of my card is filled with games for the kids and a few pictures. This card fit into the SD card slot perfectly and went in easily. My tablet immediately picked up on the card. There was no installation necessary. I was easily able to start moving files around. I also tried this card in my MP3 player and I put it into my phone. I easily transferred a a couple pictures and a couple songs from my phone to the card and when I put the card into my tablet and my MP3 player they both read the files. I have a dash cam in both of our vehicles they do have cards in them now but I am considering buying larger cards from 4 Tech and adding them to the dash cams, since this one worked so well in my other devices.

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