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Ki-Chan; Demon Hunter by Author Koriander Bullard

Kiana Chan (Ki-Chan) is an American born orphan, living in Japan, who has a supernatural energy and a dark past. After watching her parents being murdered by demons, this yellow-capped kid suffers from PTSD, aggravating her budding powers. 

But after she comes across a rag-tag group of college kids who also have superpowers, Ki-Chan finds herself in the fight of her life.

 Alien Gods? Demons? Sprinkle on top first love, college entrance exams, and a heavy speech impediment, and you have the recipe for chaos!

Born in the Chicagoland area of Illinois, Koriander Bullard is a self-published author

and cartoonist who writes in multiple genres. 

She got her start by drawing for various professional wrestlers who now wrestle for the WWE. This artwork led her to her first book in 2015. 

When she isn't hard at work on her next novel, she enjoys spending time with her husband, John.

Character Casting
Our band of heroes are known as the Humanesques, a new species created by alien gods to fight demons. They have normal, human parents, look like average people, but can fly, fire laser beams and each have their own, unique abilities. Each carries the soul of a Zodiac Soldier, a similar species that existed thousands of years ago. 

Kiana (Ki-Chan) Chan: Ki-Chan is 18 years old and the youngest of her group, raised in Chichibu, located in Saitama, Japan. The protagonist of the story, she is usually friendly and energetic, a little bratty, but can sometimes withdraw and become very serious. She suffers from PTSD, stemming from having watched her family being slaughtered in front of her by a man possessed by the demons Hadagi and Panti. Avid comic reader. She has thick, frizzy bubbles of nearly-black brown hair, tan skin and dark brown eyes. She can read minds, shoot bolts of electricity and has a very slight ability to heal.

Tige (Ti-Chan) Satōkibi: Ti-Chan is 21 years old, born and raised in Blue Island, Illinois and is full blooded Lakota. Gifted in martial arts, he is usually patient and thoughtful, but does have a sarcastic temper. He is Ki-Chan's love interest and initially begins their friendship by teaching her self defense. This blossoms into romance, and the two often team up to fight demons. He can shoot fireballs and golden beams of solid energy. He also has the ability to create energy barriers. He has long, black curls, deep tan skin and dark brown eyes.

Lily: One of Ki-Chan's closest friends, Lily is a bubbly go-getter who is very goal oriented and highly moral. She loves reading about science and spell casting. She is always organizing group activities and enjoys shopping. She is somewhat psychic, and has the ability to make projections in mid air by manipulating water molecules. She can also produce water swords. She is African American, but has large, bold, sapphire blue eyes. Likes to change her hair daily.

Techno: Ti-Chan's childhood friend and Lily's fiance. Like Lily, he loves reading about science, but despite his thick glasses, he isn't a typical nerd. He loves extreme sports and often skateboards through town. He invents gadgets for the others to use and is the illegitimate son of a computer company CEO. His power is to shoot acidic venom from his hands. He has pale skin, bright red hair and deep blue eyes. Likes to wear long sleeved, tight shirts. Muscular. 

Cecil: Lily's older brother. Initially content to stay in the background, he slowly becomes more assertive by the time the second book rolls around. He loves to write and wants to become a well known poet someday. He also loves to study about world mythology, and it's this knowledge that helps his friends to identity the various demons they run into. His powers are ice and wind based. He can create large bolts of ice and freeze just about anything. He is African American with dark brown eyes and tight, tiny coils of black hair.

Kameko: Lily's best friend, Kameko is the wild child of the group, she enjoys partying, drinking and shopping. Her favorite subject is math and she can't get enough of studying geometry. Her dream is to be a fashion designer. She is athletically gifted and rarely takes anything too seriously. Her power is super speed, which she uses in conjunction with her friends, combining her powers with theirs for various attacks. She can also fire pink bolts of energy. She has peachy skin, extra long, light brown hair and sky blue eyes.

Violet: Cecil's wife, Violet is a very violent young woman. She enjoys getting into fights and watching wrestling. She swears heavily and is often very blunt. Despite this, she is very observant around Ki-Chan, whom she also trains with Ti-Chan. Though her soft side rarely shows up, she cares deeply for her student and tries to offer the best advice. Her power is over ground, and she can manipulate the earth as she sees fit. She also creates light daggers. She is half Chinese, half Japanese. Light brown eyes, long, black hair kept up in a bun.

Ruey: Kameko's off and on boyfriend, Ruey has a childlike innocence about him. The shortest male at 5'5, he is usually treated as the group's little brother. He is friendly, joyful and loves to play video games. He has the power to heat oxygen, turning the air into his own weapon. He can make swords with it, or heat it into fire. He has blue-black, bowl cut hair, sky blue eyes and pale skin. Broad shoulders.

Marlowe: Ruey's older, half brother and the bane of existence of many. Marlowe is brash, arrogant and a womanizer. He is usually starting fights with Violet and constantly makes fun of Ki-Chan. His arms become silver swords of light, and he can slice mountains and metal. He is the tallest at 6'5 and has deep violet eyes, pale skin and long, purple hair, geled straight up.

Silas: Violet's cousin and Marlowe's best friend. Silas is living his dream, working as a lifeguard and enjoys bodybuilding. His father is Irish, his mother is Chinese, and he is a perfect blend of the two. Much more calm than his younger cousin, Silas is laid back and takes things easy. His power is to fire green arrows from his fingers, and with much effort, he can create boards he can use to escort civilians to safety. He has bright, emerald green eyes, black, wavy hair and deep gold skin.

Hadagi and Panti: A demonic couple, these two are the main villains and have been sent by Lucifer to take over the world. Panti has a deep seated vendetta against Ki-Chan, because Ki-Chan carries the soul of Basheeba, the warrior who destroyed Panti's family when she was a child. Hadagi is the more patient of the two, often taking time to formulate plans, while Panti tends to tackle things head on. Hadagi's hair is made of fire while Panti has deep, matter coils of blood red hair. Both have red eyes, pale skin and dress in yellow.

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