Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Get Smarter: Super Fun Travel Activities to Baffle Your Brain MoonDance Press Creative Team

Have you ever loaded the family into the car to go on a day trip, to go shopping, or to go on vacation? Have you ever heard are we there yet over and over until you wanted to pull over and walk the rest of the way? When my kids were small it never filed 5 minute after getting in the car they were bored and either picking on each other or us.

This book would of saved me a few gray hairs from come trips. It is filled with fun games to keep the kids busy while riding in the car. There are word puzzles, coloring pages, scavenger hunts and more. I like the fact that instead of handing the book to the kids I can print the pages out and hand them one sheet at a time so the book never ends.

The games are for kids of all ages but some are more geared towards I would say 8 to 10 year olds, like the crossword puzzles. /younger kids can have fun too there are coloring pages and my favorite is the draw your own billboard. I like that I can turn this into an educational ride as well. We can discuss the billboards we see then hand them the page and then they can work on making their own. This is great for a break from Are We There Yet!!

Adults Passengers on long car rides can have fun with this book too!!

I received this book from the Author or Publisher via to read and review.

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