Sunday, June 24, 2018

Don't Look Back Agnes With Bonus Story: In This House By: Kathryn Meyer-Griffith

This book is 2 stories in 1 the first one is Don't Look Back Agness by Kathryn Meyer-Griffith it is a ghost story. Twenty years ago Agnes and several of her friends were kidnapped by a madman and taken to the woods to be killed. Agnes was the only one to escape. Shortly after Agnes leaves the small town vowing to never return. Her mother is sick and in a nursing home. Agnes knows she has to return to take care of her Mom. She finds out shortly after arriving teenagers are coming up missing again. Agnes has to decide to stay and help or run away. 

The 2nd story is In This House. Bernard and Althea have lived in their house since they married 50 years ago. The developers have come in to clear the area but have let them stay. What neither Bernard or his bride know is they are both dead, but their love lives on.

Both of these stories were good. Don't look back Agnes has a creep factor to but is not too terrifying. In This House is a sweet love story. Both stories are narrated by Lesley Ann Fogle. She done a really good job with both.

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