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Cupcakes and Crooked Spoons by Charity B.

Cupcakes and Crooked Spoons

by Charity B.
Publication Date: June 11, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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Ever since Toben told me to make my first birthday wish, I always wish for the same thing: for us to run away to a beautiful place where they won’t ever find us or hurt us again. He’s the only person in the world who loves me. I love him too. He’s says we’re the same, that we’re halfpeople. He tries to protect me from the monster. The monster does’t love us, but Toben says we don’t need him to. Toben is all I need. He’s the reason I keep waking up every morning, in this scary life, praying for the day my eyes stay closed.

Tavin is the most precious thing in my life. She gives me a purpose. I love her more than the air in my lungs, and it’s because of her that I’m able to hang on to some semblance of who I once was. His sinister cruelty has taken its toll, causing something to change inside of me. She can’t ever know the things I’ve done. The things he’s made me do, and the things I’ve done because of my own darkening heart. She wouldn’t understand that I did those things for her. Everything breath I take, every soul I crush is for her. It’s all for her.

Trigger Warning: This novel contains drug use, explicit sexual content, violence, extreme child abuse, and sensitive subject matter which may be triggering to some readers.

Excerpt #2
October 2001 - Toben
My dad may be an asshole, but Tavin’s parents make me feel like I might not have it so bad. At least I’m clean and fed. Sometimes, he will even give me money and buy me stuff so he can keep up the appearance of a normal, even good, dad.
Six days without food. I can’t imagine what that must be like. I’ve always felt alone in this, I never understand why I’m the only one with a dad who hates them. Everyone else’s dad is teaching them how to fix cars or play football, telling them they love them, and showing up to parent/teacher conferences. I see now that I’m not alone. If a girl like Tavin has parents that don’t love her, then it can happen to anybody.
I like it when she smiles, and her laugh is like a lullaby. I make it my personal mission to see that she does both as much as possible. She rides on the front of my bike on our way to the beach and her joy causes my grin to be a permanent fixture, as I watch her enthusiasm. When we arrive, I chain my bike to the rack and lead her to the shoreline, by holding her hand. We take off our shoes and bury our toes in the sand. I can feel the mist from the ocean on my face and taste the salt on my tongue. When the first tide rushes over our toes, she squeals with delight, and when I laugh, I feel it in the deepest part of me.
“This is the best day of my life,” she sighs, as she lies back into the sand and looks to the sky.
At first it makes me feel wonderful that I can do that for her. Then I realize that I can’t think of a single day, other than maybe when I found the letter from my mom, that was better than this. I lie on my side next to her, propping my head in my hand.
“You know what? I think it might be mine, too.”
She turns to me and grins. She makes me want to help her, to give her the things her crazy parents deny her. I will do whatever I can to make sure she never goes another day without some type of food. I will be her friend and I’m excited for her to be mine.
We pick out clouds that look like an elephant and a turtle and make up a story about them. Her laugh is contagious and before I know it, we are in our own world of Tavin and Toben, unaware of anyone else on the beach.
My stomach growls. “Hey, do you want to get some food?”
“Yeah, most people eat three times a day.”
“Three times?! Do you eat that much?”
I try not to chuckle, she just gets so stunned by such basic information. “Yes, silly.” I sit up and stretch my arms. “Come on, there are lots of shops on The Walk.” Standing up, I hold out my hand to her.
Once we make it to the concrete, Tavin throws her head back and groans, “It’s so hot! I can’t wear this anymore.” Ripping off her sweater, she exposes her bruised arms and they are worse than yesterday. I feel a pang of fear in my gut that she had been hit because of me skipping out last night.
I don’t even get the chance to ask her when a woman comes up to her. “Sweetheart, are you alright? Where are your parents?”
Adults and their questions. I have to think fast. “They’re right over there,” pointing toward a large group of people huddling by the glass shop, I add, “and we’re more than alright! We were in a car crash a couple days ago and are lucky to be alive. See?” I lift my shirt to show her my bruises that are as fresh as Tavin’s.
The woman covers her mouth in shock. “Oh my…”
That’s good enough for me, so I nod to her, clutch Tavin’s hand and skirt around the nosey bitch.
When we are far away from the lady, I stop and turn to her. “Look, I’m sorry that you’re hot, but you have to wear the sweater. You’ll draw the wrong attention. Please put it back on.”
She gives me a sad look, but still pulls it back over her arms.
“You have bruises, too.”

Sweetened Suffering
Sweet Treats Trilogy
by Charity B.
Publication Date: April 22, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo
The problem with getting what you’ve always wanted, is the chance of losing it. Before I met Alexander, I was blissfully blind, unaware of what was possible. Now that I’ve seen the colors of his world, I don’t know how to go back to the dreariness of mine. As much as I want to allow myself to dream of a life that I never knew was possible, the doubts still dig their claws into my mind and I fear the darkness of my past will destroy it all.

Not my wildest dreams or darkest nightmares could have prepared me for the intricacy that is Tavin Winters. As sweet and gentle as she is, the violence and torment that has been woven into every day of her past remains evident. He will pay for what he’s done to her, and I will do my best to give her the serenity she deserves. However this plays out, I will always love her and I will always protect her…even if it’s from herself.

Trigger Warning: This novel contains drug use, explicit sexual content, violence, child abuse, and sensitive subject matter that may be triggering for some readers.

Candy Coated Chaos

Sweet Treats Trilogy
by Charity B.
Publication Date: February 15, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Being with Tavin is like eating those candies that start out sweet and then turn so sour, your eyes water. When she's happy, her radiance is stunning, but her glow is dimmed by her dark secrets. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her, sucking on that lollipop, that there was something unique about her. I was right in more ways than one, and while I don't know the extent of suffering that her life entails, I'll do whatever I need to, to convince her she can trust me. I just need to hang on to her long enough to do that.

When he wraps his arms around me, and his warmth makes me feel safe, it's easy to pretend that this is real. I knew going out with him was a bad idea, I just never imagined it would go this far. It was only supposed to be one night. One night to feel like a normal girl. I didn't plan for this and now, every day that passes puts us deeper in danger. All I can do is make the most of every moment with him, so when the time comes for this to end, then at least we'll be left with beautiful memories.

Trigger Warning: This novel contains drug use, explicit sexual content, violence, and sensitive subject matter which may be triggering for some readers.

About Charity B.

Charity B. lives in Salem Oregon with her husband and ornery little boy. Candy Coated Chaos is her debut novel and has more titles preparing for release in 2018. She has always loved to read and write, but began her love affair with dark romance when she read C.J. Robert's The Dark Duet. She has a passion for the disturbing and sexy and wants nothing more than to give her readers the ultimate book hangover. In her spare time when she's not chasing her son, she enjoys reading, the occasional TV show binge, and is deeply inspired by music.

Cupcakes Playlist
1. Black Balloon – The Goo Goo Dolls
2. Hush - Hellyeah
3. No Milk Today – Herman’s Hermits
4. Crooked Spoons – Otep
5. Beautiful Creatures – Illenium Ft. MAX
6. Monster – Skillet
7. Mr. Brightside – The Killers
8. Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
9. Heroin – Lana Del Rey
10. My Demons – Starset
11. I Miss You – Blink 182
12. A Million Men – Melanie Martinez
13. Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish
14. Dark Side – Bishop Briggs
15. Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers
16. Angel – Theory of a Dead Man
17. Cotton Candy Land – Elvis Presley

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