Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Astromouse by Steve Smallman

Astromouse is a cute book. It is only 13 pages long so would make a great bedtime story for the little ones. Steve Smallman has done a great job with the story. The illustrations throughout the book are great as well and really catches the kids attention as well as telling the story in ictures.

In the book we meet Pip. Pip is a mouse. On the night of a full moon Pip questions Mother Mouse about the moon and decides he want to go to the moon to live. I mean after all it is made of Stinky Cheese. The next day Pip makes himself a space ship to fly to the moon in. The ship crashes but Pip sees the moon in the pond. He just knows the moon has come to visit him, since he cannot get to the moon.

At the end of the book their are some discussion questions you can talk to with your ids about the book.

I received this book from the Author or Publisher via to read and review.

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