Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Until Midnight (The Crimson Fold #1) by Erin R. Bedford

Until Midnight is book one in the Crimson Fold series by Erin Bedford. It is a mix between Cinderella and Hunger Games to me. The book is kind of short but I enjoyed it and am looking forward to book 2. The Audiobook is Narrated by Melissa Moran, I was very happy with her rendition. She kept my attention and done a great job with her different voices.

As with Cinderella, Clarabelle aka Clara's father has married so you get the wicked Stepmother and stepsisters, and the absent Father. Instead of invitations to a ball, invitations to an election are sent to the oldest child of each family. The election is buried in secrecy. If the person invited does not make the cut their memory is erased of their time at the election. If you make the cut you will not being going home to your family, but your family gets bragging rights that one of their own made the cut.

Clara gets the invitation, and her step mother cannot be more happy that she got it and not one of her daughters. She really has no choice but to go, even though she does not want to. Once she arrives she learns there is a series of interviews to see if you are a chosen to be inducted into The Crimson Fold.

The book has a hint of romance, some mystery. and adventure. I like Clara's character.

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