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The United The Realm of Light Series Book 1 by James Quinlan Meservy

Realm of Light Series Book 1
James Quinlan Meservy

YA Fantasy


time ago in a land since long forgotten, an evil force by the name of
Lord Yrimwaque – servant of the Threat of Rai – threatens to
destroy everything and prepare the world for a harvest. The only
thing that stands in his way are three reluctant heroes: Tyler, his
girlfriend KimberlyAnn and his best friend Blaze Morrison, who have
been recruited by the followers of the Light of Rai. Upon their
journey of knowledge, TJ and his friends are forced into an unlikely
encounter with a creature of legend, and find themselves in the midst
of an ancient battle between the Light of Rai and the Threat of Rai,
with our world hanging in the balance. As the Light of Rai teach them
to hone their various gifts and talents for the greater good of the
kingdom, faith is restored, in the hopes that they will be able to
stop Lord Yrimwaque and vanquish the evil horde he desires to unleash
upon the land. Amid plots and counter-plots, tragedy and betrayal,
victory and terror, allies and enemies, the fate of the land hangs in
the balance, as the lines between good and evil become more skewed.
But will all their efforts be enough, or will the kingdom be plunged
into darkness forever?


The United The Realm of the Light Book 1

TJ’s breathing slowed. He saw LyAnn waiting for him. He took a step toward the cave entrance, and his foot slipped on a rock. He reacted too slowly. He was falling into the water; he was certain that once his body hit the deadly substance, he would not have the power to regain his feet.
This is it, TJ thought as he felt his legs become submerged. His world went black. He sucked what he anticipated to be his last deep breath of air, and he fell into the water up to his torso, ready to accept his watery grave. His arms were now fully underwater. He thought of LyAnn’s beautiful face as the water covered his face. Then, three strong and steady hands grabbed on to him, one under each shoulder, and one grabbed his healthy hand. The unseen hands lifted him to his feet.

Literature has always
been a passion of mine.  I love to read, and I love to discuss
literature.  My favorite genre to read and write is fantasy.
I was born in the
InterMountain West of the United States.  I consider my home
town to be Mendon, Ut; however, I spent my childhood years in
Hinesville, Ga, and multiple communities in Northern Utah.
I graduated from
Mountain Crest High School in Hyrum, Utah, and graduated from Utah
State University with a degree in Anthropology, emphasis in
Archaeology, with minors in Russian and Geology.

I started writing in
grade school, and after many years and multiple attempts, I finally
published my first book The United.

Guest Post with James Quinlan Meservy
Why I write Fantasy?
I have had a long standing love affair with the fantasy genre.  I do not recall the first fantasy story I ever read, but I do clearly remember the first fantasy story I ever wrote.
It was called 'Dark Fang.'  I was assigned to write a creative Halloween short story in the fifth grade.  I wrote a story about a wolf who had the ability to speak, and desired to steal of the souls of men or something like that.  And that was that.  I have loved to write fantasy stories ever since.  To this day when I attempt to write a story outside of the fantasy genre, I either have to edit out all of the accidental fantasy additions, or by the end of the first draft it is a fantasy story despite my original intentions.

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