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The Golden Rose of Scotland by Marisa Dillon

The Golden Rose of Scotland

Ladies of Lore Series

Book Two

Marisa Dillon

Genre: Historical Romance

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Date of Publication: November 22, 2017

ASIN: B077678SYH

Number of pages: 247
Word Count: 78.955

Cover Artist: Anna Lena-Spies

Tagline: Romantic Adventures, Not for the Faint of Heart

Book Description:

When poisonings are an everyday occurrence, healer Rosalyn Macpherson must be ready with an antidote. Unless it’s for the English Lord who means to claim her clan’s Highland castle.

What’s in a name? Everything, for Lord Lachlan de Leverton, a charismatic English aristocrat. He’ll break the law to sever his ties to his notorious family. But first, he must secure the deed to Fyvie Castle before the feisty Scottish lass wins it.

Because of their conflicting claims, Rosalyn and Lachlan are ordered to appear in Edinburgh’s royal court, and in an unusual twist of fate, they are assigned as guardians, rather than prisoners, to a caravan carrying the Golden Rose, a papal gift for the King of Scots.

When the royal decree becomes a forced union between the two, it’s not the remedy Rosalyn had hoped for, but by now she doesn’t hate this Englishman quite as much.

Before the knot is tied, the Rose is stolen and Lachlan’s suspected of the crime. Rosalyn then faces the hardest decision yet. Must she sacrifice her precious Philosophers Stone or the land she loves, or both, to save him?

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was Lachlan up to? Why was he toying with her like a wench? For if his aim was
to take her virginity, should he dally with all of Scotland waiting?
just as she was about to protest, his gaze met hers, revealing the passion trapped
inside begging to be released. With his other hand, he shoved the remaining
silk strap off her shoulder and let the wedding gown fall to her feet. She was
totally exposed to her new husband’s whims. Nothing covered her but her own
are so beautiful,” he gushed like a lad with a new shiny object. “I would savor
you like a feast, but the guests and the king await.” As he held her gaze, he
gathered her into his arms and gently laid her back on the bed.
though he had every right to take her, and he’d ignited a passion storm inside
her, she was not ready to give up her virginity just because a king wanted her
to. So when Lachlan turned away from her and began to loosen his belt, Rosalyn
swiftly and silently stole his dagger from its sheath.
would she have the courage to use it?

About the Author:

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism, Marisa has spent many years writing for the television industry. As an award-winning producer/director/marketer, she has worked on commercial production, show creation, product branding and social media.

Marisa has always enjoyed reading romance novels and now realizes a dream come true, writing page-turning romantic adventures.

Interview with Marisa Dillon
Where do you get inspiration for your stories? Let me introduce you to my muse. She prefers to go to bed late and sleep til noon. She’ll wear a tutu to the grocery store because she likes to dance. She doesn’t want to be responsible and will disappear for days if she’s criticized. But she’s also the creative spirit that allows me to write from a place that my logical mind doesn’t understand. What I do is trick her into showing up. I do that by looking at my Pinterest story board, character notes, a few chapters. Basically, where I left off the last time I was writing. Then I go dance, take a walk, or nap. Yes, a nap. When I get back to the laptop, the writing flows.
How did you do research for your book? In between my stops on social media. Well, I joke about that when I’m asked this question, but I use both print and on-line resources. When I'm working on-line, I do take little breaks to interact with friends and readers on social media sites. But seriously, I use Wikipedia as a mainstay. It’s a great resource for historical details of all kinds. I also have a number of websites that I’ve collected over the years at professional writing workshops and those are invaluable. But I also have a good sized library for specific things like writing fight scenes, a book about castles in the middle ages, and lifestyle books from different centuries. With historical writing, you must have your facts straight or you’ll be called out by your readers.
Do you have another profession besides writing? I’m a marketing professional and I write every day, which helps keep the writing muscles flexible and strong. However, most often I’m restricted to scripts of: 30 seconds or less in length and creative brand strategy messages of 140 characters. I also consult with my clients as to how and where to place their media. No two days are ever the same and it keeps me intrigued, engaged and empowered. But some day I would like to transition into writing novels full time.
If you could go back in time, where would you go? Wow, what fun that would be. For me King Arthur’s Round Table and Gwenivere’s bedroom. Just imagine the stories I could tell from that eavesdropping. However, I would never reveal what was fact or fiction. Their secrets would be safe with me.
What is your next project? Confession: I’m usually working on multiple projects at once. I’ve outlined both a novella and a third novel for the “Lady of Lore Series.” I’m so excited about these new stories for many reasons, but it’s most rewarding when readers fall in love with your characters and ask that you continue to include their favorites. The novella will be released sometime this year, but no specific date has been set. It all depends are how quickly I can get the words down and ready for readers.

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  1. I love the cover. The font really is wonderful.

  2. Hi Tammie! It's great to be featured here today. Yes, the cover artist nailed my vision and did a beautiful job. I love it too. Hope you have a chance to read the story. You'll find Rosalyn fascinating.

  3. Congrats on the tour and I appreciate the excerpt and the great giveaway as well. Love the tours, I get to find books and share with my sisters and now my twin daughters who all love to read. We have found some amazing books for everyone. So, thank you!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. It's so wonderful to hear you share books with your daughters. I hope you had a great Mother's Day.

  4. I love your excerpt and I would love to read your book.

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