Friday, May 18, 2018

The Fur-tive Wedding Fiend by Alannah Rogers

Blurb for The Fur-tive Wedding Fiend:

Beatrice is busy planning her wedding to the man of her dreamsex-husband, best friend, and handsome-as-heck Matthew.

But when a scary surprise interrupts her bridal shower, the 64-year-old amateur sleuth knows that this wedding planning business is going to be anything but dreamy. A horrid villain has decided he's going to turn her happiest time into a nuptial nightmare.

In the end, Bee's 4 crime-fighting felines might be the only ones to exploit this treacherous fiend's only weakness ... and save the day.

Meet the Author 


Alannah Rogers is the pen name for a Canadian writer. She grew up in Nova Scotia and her trips to nearby Maine and New Hampshire helped inspire the Beatrice Young books.

She is currently based in Toronto where she lives with her husband and two cats, 1-year-old Raccoon (a little black and white terror) and 4-year-old Mixtli (a long-haired gray and white princess).

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Guest Post:

Hi, I'm Matthew Thompson, best friend and fiancee to Beatrice Young, the star of the Beatrice Young cozy cat mysteries. Beatrice and I grew up together and we actually got married (and divorced!) in our early 20's. Now we're in our mid-60's and ready to tie the knot again! We're just a couple of crazy kids, I guess. We live together in Bee's barn house just outside of the small town of Ashbrook, New Hampshire, where Beatrice runs the Cozy Cat Cafe, parents her 4 cats, and helps solves local mysteries.

Me? I'm a retired park ranger and my chief job now is to make sure Bee doesn't get herself in too much trouble. I'm also pretty good in the kitchen and make a mean pasta carbonara.

I wasn't too sure about Bee's amateur sleuthing at first. She's been shot out, had a bomb go off in front of her, been in a car chase, had a tiger come after her and much more. I thought she was crazy for putting herself in so much danger. But I know her heart's in the right place--she loves our town and wants to protect the people in it. Plus, she's a sucker for adventure. Never a dull moment with my Bee!

I also wasn't too sure about her 4 cats. They've been a bit jealous of me, especially since I moved in. Hamish especially, since Bee got him first. But we're all good buddies now, probably because I'm the one opening the cans of cat food most of the time.

So that's Bee and I. I hope you join us on our adventures.

Prize is: 1 prize of two eBook boxsets, books 1-5 and 6-10 of my Beatrice Young Cozy Cat Mystery series (links to boxsets: Contest runs until May 25. Alannah Rogers will pick the winner and email them.

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