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Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate Book 1 by Wray Ardan

Desire, Wicked Fate
Desire, Wicked Fate Book 1
Wray Ardan
YA Romantic Fantasy Thriller

long lost relatives can be a real nightmare. Do you know who or what
you're related to?

Lisette never imagined she might not live through the month to see
her sixteenth birthday, or that befriending reclusive triplets and a
mentally challenged man could be her only chance of survival. Days
after coming to Louisiana, Jaden falls for the irresistible Briz
Nolan. Then she falls into a living nightmare when she discovers a
side of her family that she never knew existed. Once she uncovers her
family's deadly secret, Jaden is forced into a world she could only
imagine in horror movies. There's nowhere to run. To survive, she
must kill.

Desire, Wicked Fate is the first book in a YA romance, fantasy,
thriller trilogy that is filled with danger, humor, and the
intoxicating passion of first love.

Beginning of Ch 1
Family. Until now Jaden had done her best to hold onto the comforting idea that family meant something. That you supported one another and cared about each other.
“Get over it, Jaden. Stop acting all broken-hearted.”
Crossing her arms over her chest, Jaden glanced at her sister. Ava was punching buttons on the car radio with one hand and steering with the other. Music blasted as they swerved off the pavement skirting a section of the bayou onto a dirt road. Jaden watched it stretching in front of them like an open wound, slicing through the remains of a sugar cane field and ending at Guyon Manor, the old plantation house they’d inherited.
Tears welled in her eyes. She knew she cried too easily. She’d never seen Ava cry. Ever.
Jaden considered Ava’s words. “Broken-hearted.” Her sister was seventeen but still clueless. What Jaden felt was not a broken heart. It was the broken bond between siblings. But then, how could a sisterly bond be broken when it had never even existed?
Ava started in on her again. “Don’t be all pissed off at Briz. No guy’s ever going to be interested in you,” she smirked. “You’re a joke. An immature goodie good. Or is it all an act?”
Jaden knew that Ava wielded sexuality like a sword. It was her weapon of choice to successfully maneuver through life, to gain power over men and the rest of the world. Why would today be any different?
“Oh yeah,” Jaden replied, “I’m really just like you, an evil back-stabbing baboon-faced princess!”
Baboon-faced princess; Jaden hadn’t called her sister that in years. She was fifteen. Couldn’t she have come up with something better? Anyway, it set Ava off.
“Get out of the car!” Ava’s hollering drowned out the screeching brakes.
“No way,” Jaden snapped, but she didn’t shout. She knew she’d already sent her sister into Ava mode.
“Don’t say no to me.” Ava punched Jaden’s arm.
“Is that what you said to Briz before you had sex with him?”
“He wanted it. He was practically begging me.” She shoved Jaden toward the door. “Now get out!
“Stop it!” Jaden looked at the approaching storm clouds, then glared at Ava. “I’m not walking anywhere.”
“Get out now! I don’t want to see your ugly face anymore.” She gave Jaden another shove. “Why don’t you make us all happy and disappear? Or better yet, drop dead!”
Jaden climbed out of the car to escape her sister’s malice. She slammed the door and jumped back as Ava sped off, tires throwing bits of dirt at her—tiny stones stinging of hurt and rejection. Drawing her hands over her face, Jaden wiped away the summer heat along with her tears and searched her mind for reasons why Ava hated her so much. She answered her own question.
I was born.

Jade Gone
Desire, Wicked Fate Book 2

bayou holds terrors that can devour her alive.

sixteen-year-old Jaden Lisette wants to do is spend time with the
sweet and sexy Briz Nolan. But falling in love may not be their
a new, deadlier species of creatures is set loose, Jaden and Briz's
chance of survival quickly becomes as murky as the bayou water
surrounding them. As Jaden battles her new living nightmares, an old
adversary returns, intent on revenge. This time, every last ounce of
her strength and courage may not be enough to save the ones she
loves...or herself.

Jade Gone is the second book in the YA romance thriller series Sweet
Desire, Wicked Fate. If you like original fantasy creatures, dark
suspense, and simmering chemistry, then you'll love Wray Ardan's
captivating tale.

Ardan lives on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with an
artist, four cats, and a parrot. She is the winner of the Readers'
Favorite 2015 Gold Medal for YA Horror for her novel Sweet Desire,
Wicked Fate, and the 2017 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal for the
second book in the series, Imagine Jade Gone. The stories were
inspired by sculptures her partner in life and business, artist
Steven Lee Smeltzer created. Currently she is working on book 3. With
a desire to promote teens that are PONO, Hawaiian for "doing the
right thing," she set up Dakine Teens+ at

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