Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Stirrings in the Black House By: Ambrose Ibsen

I love Ambrose Ibsen's book and this one is no different. He spins a super creepy story in Stirrings of a Black House, just as he has done with all of his other books I have read/listened to.

In this book Emil inherits his Uncle's house. Not sure why since they were never close Emil heads for the house to start a new life. he gets way more then he bargains for at Weatherby House. Not only is it creepy it is set out of the center of town and also the townspeople tend to stay clear of the house and the legend of what happened there at one time.

After a while Emil stats to wonder if he is going crazy with the piano music and other noises at night, and lets not forget the apparitions he sees.

Emil starts to research the house and the legends involved. He gets more then he bargains for in the end.

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