Sunday, May 13, 2018

Siriously Delicious by Siri Daly

Siri Daly, the wife of Carson Daly has brought us this awesome cookbook. Unlike some cookbooks you don't have to travel to all the grocery stores in town hoping to find the ingredients for the recipes. Siri has come up with these recipes that are pantry friendly. Just flipping through the book I noticed I would not have to go to the store in order to make several recipes in the book because everything was already in the pantry.

Not only are these recipes Pantry friendly thy are also family friendly even for the kids, and  time friendly. Most of the recipes in the book a easy to make. They are tasty and nutritious. I love to cook personally and can make just about anything I set my mind too. But this book is made for the average home cook and you do not need special skills in order to make these recipes even though they may taste like you do.

I received this book from the Author or Publisher at in exchange for my honest opinion.

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