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Heaven's Rejects Series by Avelyn Paige

Title: Heaven's Rejects Volume 1
Novels Included: Sins of the Father ~ Heaven Sent ~ Angels and Ashes
Series: Heaven's Rejects MC
Author: Avelyn Paige
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 25, 2018

Join the Heaven’s Rejects brotherhood with the first three books of the series bundled together for the first time.

Sins of the Father – Prequel Novella
Absolute power corrupts absolutely; it was a harsh lesson that my father learned too late. Now we’re all going to burn for his mistakes.

Heaven Sent – HRMC #1
Can an angel with blood-covered wings and the devil himself resist temptation, or will they risk bringing hellfire down on everything that they love?

Angels and Ashes – HRMC #2
When Darcy Kyle sticks her nose in the club’s business, Raze finds himself questioning his loyalty to his brother’s memory. How can he resist an angel bathed in the ashes of the fallen?

My review:
I love MC books. I love me some hot bikers, so much so that I married one of my own. After reading the blurb about this series I knew I wanted to read it. This is a 3 book series, with more to come I hope. I loved all 3 books. I love the characters, I love their attitudes, I love how they are family. I just loved everything about this series.

 Avelyn Paige has done a great job with this series. I like how you get all of the same characters in each book and few new ones as well. I love how she does not make the MC Club sound like a bunch of trashy people hanging out on bikes. Yes trouble always seems to find the Heaven's Rejects. there is a lot of bag language, a lot of sex, and yes even murder, but the story is well worth your time to read it.

Book .05 sins of the father

Michael Sanders just wants his fathers approval other than that he wants nothing more. His father is the president of the heavens rejects mc club. What started out as a group of friends getting together for the love of bikes has turned into a greed fueled rogue biker club. If its illegal the rejects have a hand in it.

When Micheals father is murdered Mike and the gang have to pay the debts encountered by his father. They know they can never pay off the debt with cash so choose to go to war and hopefully come out on the other side breathing. Mikes dream is to raze the club and reboot it to where they are the good guys. If they can win the war.

Book 1 Heaven sent

Heaven Sent is Book 1 of the Heaven's rejects boxed set. The story picks up several years after Sins of the Father. Several of the characters are back. Raze (Michael) is still President of the MC. Him and the brothers have made his dream come true of cleaning the club up for the most part. They now have a legitimate business going. They try to keep their noses clean, but still have trouble with the rival club the Twisted Tails.

Everything is going smooth until Jagger is found beaten and cut hanging in the clubs shed. Now the club is out to avenge his murder.

The main characters in this book is Hero and Dani. Hero is a vet from the Irac War. He lost his whole platune and was injured and sent home. Suffering from PTSD, his nightmares recure night after night. 

Dani is escaping the horrible murder of her mom and step dad. She hops a bus from Cleveland Ohio to Hollywood CA to start over. She meets Ricca through a roommate wanted add. Ricca convinces Dani to come to the bar she works at and there is whereshe briefly meets Hero.

Dani has horrible luck she is always finding herself in bad situations. Can Hero keep her safe?

Book 2

It's been 2 years since Jagger died. Darcy has held up pretty well for her 3 kids. She still doesn't believe Raze about how he died. She is finally ready to get the whole story. She comes home one day and finds a letter taped to her door from none other then Jagger. In the letter he tells her that if she is reading it he is dead and needs her to do him a and the club a favor. Darcy takes off for Tijuana to retrieve the papers Jagger's letter asked her to. Raze follows her, thanks to Dani giving him a heads up on her taking off with a gun in her waistband.

The papers left by Jagger gives proof of Raze's ex-wife Maj's corruption. A war is brewing with the cartel and Raze puts the club on lock down. This means Darcy and him will be spending a lot of time together. If they don't kill each other they both just may have a 2nd chance at a happy life.

Avelyn Paige is an international bestselling author. She resides in a sleepy little town in Indiana with her husband and three crazy pets. While she may be a Hoosier by birth, she is a Boilermaker by choice. Boiler Up!

Avelyn spends her days working as a cancer research scientist and her nights sipping moonshine while writing and book reviewing. She loves everything paranormal, Cajun culture, and wants to try tornado chasing as a hobby when she finally grows up. She just has to get over that pesky fear of thunderstorms first.


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