Thursday, May 10, 2018

Fey Spy by Tiffany Shand

Sapphyria's Book Promotions presents a 1-week virtual book tour for Fey Spy, Tales of the Ithereal, Part 1, by Tiffany Shand. Follow the tour schedule below to visit spotlights and to read reviews and exclusive excerpts!

About Fey Spy:

A fey,

A world that’s against her,

A mission to save her people,

And a lost love.

Serafina Valeon fights to save her people by working in the resistance as a spy, in a world where she could be killed for being a fey. Only a scared artifact, the keystone, can help bring freedom to the fey. Sera must risk her life to recover the stone and venture into the mage city of Elmira.

Once there she stumbles across her childhood sweetheart, Bastian, who now works for the very people that hunt her race. Sera must find a way to work with Bastian, despite their differences and the forbidden desire between them. Will she be able to recover the artifact without revealing who and what she really is? Will Bastian be able to accept her, or will their love be the doom of her?

Book Details:

168 pages

Genres: Adult Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

This book does not contain any sexual content.

Sera tried not to wince. She’d never expected to join the hunters, or the guild as they were called, but her mission in working for the resistance now demanded it.
Bastian’s eyes narrowed as he let go of her arm. “Oh, we’ve met. Although your little stunt back there was impressive, why should I trust you?”
Because I was your wife and you loved me once, she thought, but doubted that would make a very good excuse. She tried not to sigh. Convincing Bastian to let her into his inner circle would be harder than she’d imagined.
“I proved I can be helpful,” she pointed out, not avoiding his gaze. “I don’t expect you to trust me – yet. Trust has to be earned. So give me a chance.”
Bas frowned. “Being a hunter isn’t an easy job. Why do you want to be one?”
Because I need a good excuse to get into the citadel. I’d never want hunt anyone, especially not my own kind, she thought. “I’m good at adapting to situations and with different magics. I know I can help your team,” she said with more confidence than she felt. “Let me prove myself.”
Bastian frowned. “Are you going to tell me why disappeared ten years ago?” He motioned Liana and Niall away.
Sera bit her lip. “It was a long time ago. Why does it matter?”
“Of course it matters! I thought the bloody fey killed you,” he snapped. “I looked everywhere for you the next morning, but I never found any trace of you.”

Meet the Author:

Tiffany Shand is a writing mentor, professionally trained copy editor and copy writer who has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Born in East Anglia, Tiffany still lives in the area, constantly guarding her work space from the two cats which she shares her home with.

She began using her pets as a writing inspiration when she was a child, before moving on to write her first novel after successful completion of a creative writing course. Nowadays, Tiffany writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, as well as nonfiction books for other writers, all available through Amazon and on her own website.

Tiffany’s favourite quote is ‘writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go’ and it is armed with this that she hopes to be able to help, inspire and mentor many more aspiring authors.

When she has time to unwind, Tiffany enjoys photography, reading and watching endless box sets. She also loves to get out and visit the vast number of castles and historic houses that England has to offer.

You can contact Tiffany Shand, or just see what she is writing about at:

Tiffany’s Website

Tiffany’s blog