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Dog Eared by Jojo Debrazza

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Publication Date: April 10, 2018
ASIN: B07C47Z4V4
Length: 140 pages
Genres: Children's Fiction

About Dog Eared:

Dogs can’t read. Right?

When Sophie’s grandfather moves in to a retirement home, Sophie is delighted to take over responsibility for his super obedient dog, Lector. Her grandfather also gives her two journals for Lector and tells her how important they are. But listening isn’t one of Sophie’s strong points.

Sophie’s dream-come-true turns into a nightmare when the usually well behaved Lector turns super-bad overnight. After midnight on his first night with Sophie, Lector gets himself into all kinds of trouble and leads Sophie into a run-in with the local bully. Dogs in the town have been going missing too. Could there be a dog snatcher on the loose?

Sophie desperately needs Lector to return to his former obedient self, especially when her dad and step-mum-to-be announce, to Sophie’s horror, that they are having a baby.  Lector’s future with the family is in danger. If Sophie can’t retrain Lector before Sophie’s new half sibling is born, he’ll have to be rehomed.

Can Sophie discover the magical secret to training Lector, and keep him away from the dog snatcher, before it’s too late?

Read an Excerpt:
Sophie’s pleasant daydream ended when Naz blocked her path.
He puffed out his chest. “Where do you think you’re going?”
“For a walk.” Sophie stepped to the side and tried to pass him.
Naz moved in front of her again. “Well, you have to pay if you want to walk through here.”
Sophie looked around. No one else was in sight, except Lector, her Grandad’s dog.
Lector skipped around the base of an old oak tree looking up at the squirrel he’d just chased. He wouldn’t be much help. Sophie had to face Naz alone. “What do you mean I have to pay?”
“I’ve declared this park mine.” Naz stepped closer. The smell of his stale sweat hit Sophie’s nostrils. “And everyone has to pay to enjoy my park. What have you got on you?”
“Nothing.” She wasn’t lying. Sophie hardly ever had any money on her. And even if she did she’d have no intentions of handing it over to Naz.
Naz reached forward, grabbed Sophie by her denim jacket and pulled her towards him.
“Hey.” Sophie stumbled, nearly losing her footing. Her brown plait whipped forward and almost smacked Naz in the face.
He held her with one hand and patted her pockets with the other. They were empty, as she had said.
Realising Sophie was in trouble Lector let out a series of barks. Woof, woof, woof.
He bounded towards them. His white ears flapped against his face and neck as he ran. Woof, woof, woof.
Naz let go of Sophie and backed away. He held his hands up to Lector as if surrendering.
Lector stopped a few metres in front of Naz. He stretched his neck out to bark up at him rather than getting too close. He was a very clever dog.
“Call him off, will you?” Naz tried to step behind Sophie.
Sophie couldn’t believe anyone could be frightened of Lector. He was about the size of a spaniel with soft, fleecy, white fur. His dark eyes were almost as big as his black nose. Grandpops told her he was a mini-labradoodle, but Sophie thought he looked like a polar bear cub. And he didn’t have a nasty bone in his body. But rather than argue the point she used Naz’s fear in her favour. “Are we free to walk through this park whenever we like?” said Sophie.
“What? Yes whatever,” said Naz “Just get him away from me.” His body shook so much that even his black T-shirt, with a large orange logo plastered across the front, quivered.
“Without being charged?” said Sophie.
“Yes, I said yes!” Naz squealed.
“Okay deal,” said Sophie. “Lector, quiet now.”
Lector immediately stopped barking and wagged his tail.
“Heel,” said Sophie.
Lector walked to Sophie’s side and sat looking up at her. His pink tongue sat on display in between his pointy white teeth. It looked like he was smiling.
“Good boy.” Sophie patted his head.
Naz took a few backward steps until he was confident the dog wasn’t going to chase him, and then he turned and hurried off. When he got to the edge of the park he shouted, “You better keep that dog away from me Freaky Freeman. It’s a menace to society.”
“You are,” Sophie said under her breath. “Come on Lector, we’d better get back.”

Meet the Author:

Jojo is a writer from St Neots in Cambridgeshire, England—although she mostly lives in her head, a carefree happy place where everything is bright and fluffy. 

Her debut novella, The Charm, was published in 2014 and the sequel, Mind Games, in 2016.

Jojo likes to take photos of her dog and post them to Instagram and Twitter @jojodebrazza

More Jojo Debrazza stuff can be found on her facebook page, and her blog:

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