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The Nerdy Necromancer by S.E. Babin

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This is my stop during the book blitz for The Nerdy Necromancer by S.E. Babin. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The book blitz takes place on 24 April. See the tour schedule here.

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The Nerdy NecromancerThe Nerdy Necromancer (The Deadicated Matchmaker #1)

By S.E. Babin

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy

Age category: Adult

Release Date: 24 April 2018


Helen Reaper has a weird relationship with the dead. As in she can bring anyone or anything back to life, so she’s constantly bombarded by people begging her to restore their loved ones, their pet fish, that cute girl who fell off a building while taking a selfie. Super. Annoying. So Helen becomes a necessary introvert and a homebody, choosing to absorb herself in books instead of real life.

The Deadication Dating Agency comes to her this time in the form of a mysterious letter and a cute little puppy.

They know someone who’s already dead who won’t mind her talent one little bit. Can a woman who raises the dead find a love that stays alive?

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Excerpt 2:
“Hello?” I said, slightly out of breath from trying to move the moose puppy.
“Miss Reaper?” a soft baritone rumbled in my ear. Not unpleasant.
“This is Hank from Midnight Blooms. You were supposed to be here an hour ago to pick up your order.”
It wasn’t a question.
“Oh, yes!” I slapped my forehead. “I’m sorry. I had an incident -”
“Don’t care,” he said abruptly. “If I have to hold these overnight, there will be a 10% upcharge. If you need me to put these back, there’s a 25% restocking fee. If you want me to deliver, I charge for gas and thirty cents per mile.”
A smile made its way unbidden to my face. Hank was always at one speed. Grumpy as hell. “A 25% restocking fee?” I asked. “That’s a little steep. You must think awful highly of your plants to charge that much.”
The reaction was immediate. One thing people in Midnight Cove knew was the epic rivalry of the two nurseries in town. Hank was a traditionalist. He liked blooms and veggies in their proper seasons. Nothing too outrageous. Nothing too tropical. Nothing that had the potential to suffer outside of its zone. This made Hank both a reliable gardener and plant provider, but it also made him a little bit boring.
The other nursery in the area, Pepper’s Perennials, had no such qualms. Ran by an uber friendly, adorable hedgewitch, she didn’t give a whit about the seasons, the zones, the kinds of plants she sold or anything else. She also didn’t care about Hank. Pepper was one of my few friends in this place and she was one of the most powerful hedge witches I’d ever known. So...Pepper didn’t have to care about that stuff because her plants never died. This, of course, enraged Hank. But it also helped him, too, because Piper tended to specialize in the exotic and unheard of, while Hank had the familiar beautiful blooms most of us knew and loved. Pepper also provided most of the herbs for my sister’s shop, so she was multi-talented.
“Pepper?” Hank practically spit through the line. “She wouldn’t know an azalea if one reached up and bit her in the ass,” he grumbled.
“Well,” I drawled, “she is my best friend so I’m sure she’d make a special order if I asked her to. And she would deliver too, if I asked her, for free, and probably show up with pizza or dessert or something like that.”
The line was silent for a moment. “Twenty cents per mile and gas for delivery,” he barked.
“How about ten cents per mile, half the gas, and you bring me a cookie from Sam’s?” I grinned knowing I’d gone too far, but honestly, screwing with Hank had been the highlight of my day.
“You can get your own cookie. I agree to the other part.” His voice trailed off but not before I heard, “and you should be offering me a cookie for accepting this sham of a deal.”
“Accepted!” I crowed. “But I’m not giving you a cookie for trying to take advantage of me.”

About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling author S.E. Babin has a passion for writing books with a paranormal twist. Whether it's romance or mystery, she loves taking the norm and turning it into the extraordinary. Her love of reading turned into a curious exploration to see whether or not she could write her own novel. Beginning with discarded pages of angsty novels and a slightly popular reimagining of Beowulf's Grendel in her high school English class, Sheryl spent way too much time in the library, killing any chance of her becoming a cheerleader or anything even remotely cool.

You can find and contact S.E. Babin here:

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