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Snickety Dickety Doo by Danica-Lea Larcombe Blog Tour

SNICKETY DICKETY DOO by Danica-Lea Larcombe, Children's Fiction, 90 pp., $9.61 (Paperback) 


Author: Danica-Lea Larcombe

Publisher: Blurb

Pages: 90

Genre: Children’s Fiction

George, Fiona and Marni find a tin of bubbles, not just any ordinary
bubbles but planets. The planets shrink the children and take them to
faraway lands. The children have many exciting adventures and try not to
let their secret be discovered.  They learn about different cultures,
currencies and languages, and are inspired at school.

In Series Two, George, Marni and Fiona continue their adventures
around the world in the planet bubbles. They narrowly escape being
killed by some monks in Turkey, find a little companion in Paris and
visit royalty in Monaco.

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It wasn’t just a small piece of
tin.  Curiosity got the better of her and
Marni decided she better keep digging around.
She could see the edges now and it looked like it was a tin box of some
sort.  Marni suddenly forgot about her
wish and dug frantically to get the box out.
It was quite a light box of about medium size.  It was not painted and there was no writing
on it. 
“What on earth could be in it?”
Marni wondered.
It had a small padlock but this
was rusted and broke off easily.  She
opened the lid carefully to find nine individually wrapped balls, or so she
thought.  She unwrapped one of the balls
to find it was not a ball.  In her hand
it shone like a bubble, and was soft and tender to touch.  It had little feet and hands and was the
colour of the sun.

 “Oh my”, Marni whispered, “It has got a
The bubble’s eyes were closed
and the mouth still.  On the other side
it had the shape of a door, but there was no door handle.  How odd.
Marni looked at her watch
quickly. It was 
 which was tea time and
her parents would be calling her any minute.
She hastily re-wrapped the ball and closed the tin.  She put her secret wish down the hole and
filled it up with the dark brown coloured soil.
Somehow Marni made it back
inside the house and into her bedroom without anyone seeing the box.  She could not wait to show it to George and
Fiona but it would have to wait until after tea.  Her hands and knees were filthy dirty now,
and her father questioned her. 
“What have you been doing? You
look like a gypsy”. 
“Oh, just helping Fiona in the
garden” Marni lied. 
Dinner was always a silent
occasion in the Dimond household, and you got your knuckles rapped if you
spoke.  Which Fiona did quite often. 
Marni wished tea time would
hurry up and finish but she had to wait for the compulsory pudding first.  It would either be apple crumble or apple
strudel with ice-cream.  Her mother baked
wonderfully, but never seemed to want to try new recipes.  Now they were all allowed to leave the table
because everyone had finished but the dishes still had to be dried and put away
after her mother had washed them.  It was
the height of the summer and daylight savings time meant that sunset would not
be until about 
“George, Fiona, come into my
room.  I have something to show you”
Marni said.  “Quickly then” grumbled
George.  “I want to finish my hut”. 
“Ooh what is it?” asked

Danica-Lea Larcombe has a B.Sc (Environmental Health), a
Grad.Dip in Education and has taken courses in Journalism, Travel Writing, and
Photography. She is currently undertaking a thesis in Biodiversity and Human
Health, and lives with her Japanese Spitz Bella.



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