Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Release Day Blitz Enchantress by Kristy Centeno


Giver of Life Trilogy

Book Two

Kristy Centeno

Genre: Paranormal/Young Adult/New Adult

Publisher: Inkspell Publishing

Date of Publication: April 17, 2018

ISBN: Ebook: 978-1-945910-56-2
Print: 978-1-945910-57-9

Number of pages: 325
Word Count: 90,000

Cover Artist: Najla Qamber

Tagline: She gave him hope. He gave her life.

Book Description:

Fate brought them together. Will evil break them apart?

Leah Parker’s visit to her hometown is supposed to bring her closer to the truth behind her identity. What she doesn’t anticipate is the handsome stranger with almond eyes claiming to be her Pair.

Her world once again upturned with the arrival of the man chosen to be her life partner, Leah is pulled between the feelings she’s always had for the friend she left behind, and those for the compelling stranger determined to save her from certain death—at whatever the cost. 

With an ancient evil out to finish what it started twenty-one years before, will Leah find peace within her troubled mind and heart to fight back and win? Or will her disconnection with her newfound powers hinder her only chance at survival?

His sacrifice…is her salvation.

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Excerpt 2:

Jae kneeled in
front of me and took my hands in his. “You don’t use your powers often, do
“No.” I’d just
found out I had them. “Why?” I raised my gaze to his face, expectantly.
“As Enchanters,
we’re built to destroy evil. When we fail to hunt, and destroy our enemies, our
inner clock gets out of whack and this is the aftermath.”
Confused, I
gaped at him. “I have no idea what you just said.”
“It’s a little
something we call blue fever. It happens when we accumulate too much power. You
can stop it by channeling into your inner Enchantress.”
“I used my
powers not too long ago,” I argued.
He nodded. “Not
in the way you intended, did you?”
“What difference
does it make?”
“A lot.”
“Tell me how to
stop it,” I requested, annoyed that he knew my faults even if I hadn’t admitted
to them.
“Do you hunt?”
he prodded.
“No. I had no
need to,” I lied. Well, more like fibbed. I wasn’t withholding the truth, just
not fully explaining myself. Now wasn’t the place or time for that. “How do
I…?” Panicked, I watched as the first strands of the bluish flames emerged from
the tips of my fingers. “No.”
If I broke out
in flames, not only would our victim spot us, but the entire ecosystem around
me would be in jeopardy, thanks to my inability to function the way I was built
“How do I stop
it?” I asked him in desperation.
In response, Jae
helped me to my feet, pressed me against the tree’s trunk behind me, framed my
face between his palms, and crushed his full lips to mine.

About the Author:

Kristy Centeno is the author of the Secrets of the Moon saga and Keeper Witches series.

She has always had a passion for books and after years of being an avid reader, she decided to transform her desire to write into a reality and thus, her first novel was born. When she’s not busy taking care of her five children or holding down the fort, she finds time to sit and do what she loves the most: writing.

Interview with Kristy Centeno
Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?
It’s a little of both, honestly. There are times when the characters take over and I let them guide me. Other times, I plan things out carefully to make sure everything adds up and makes sense.
Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.
Enchantress is part of the Giver of Life trilogy. Book 2 to be exact. This trilogy has been a true labor of love/hate for me from the start. When I first published book 1 of the trilogy back in 2012, I was intent on completing the sequels. But something in me wasn’t entirely satisfied with the story. At the time, I felt like I could do better, so I put the entire trilogy on the backburner and moved on with other projects.
Five years later, the rights for Enchanter (book 1), were reverted back to me and it was then that I decided I would turn Leah Parker’s story around. The Giver of Life trilogy was an uphill battle for me because as a writer, I wanted to put out stories that I felt readers would want to indulge in. Yet, I felt as if I was writing what I thought others would want to read instead of what I wanted the story to be.
I debated what to do for months. In the end, after consulting with my significant other, I decided that if I was going to put a story out there, I had to be entirely satisfied with it. Otherwise, why bother?
Enchantress takes a whole new direction than was initially mapped out and I’m okay with that. The second love interest was as intriguing to me as the first and rather than have him appear into her life only to be dismissed as it has so often happened in many books I’ve read, I gave him a more important role in the trilogy and in her personal life.
The overall story leads you in one direction only to haul you someplace else just when you’re beginning to grow comfortable with the way things are moving along. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
It’s a gamble and I’m not sure how readers will respond to the way I decided to handle the love triangle, but I’m hoping they’ll at least enjoy the overall story.
Have you written any other books that are not published?
No. But I have started books I have yet to complete.
Pen or type writer or computer?
When I’m plotting or writing down ideas I use a notebook and pen/pencil. But when I’m ready to bring the story to life I use my computer/laptop.
Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and getting to know a little more about me. I truly appreciate it. Happy reading everyone!


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