Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Rebel Boneyard Brotherhood MC, Book 3 By: Amber Burns

I love me some hot bikers, so much so I married one. Rebel is a standalone  in the Boneyard Brotherhood series. It features Chase Miller. Chase is a Army Veteran and also a cop. He is chosen to go undercover in the Boneyard Brotherhood MC Club to get the goods on the group and to take them down. The problem with this is Chase becomes more comfortable with the club and the members then he has ever been anywhere else or with anyone else, and doesn't want to get evidence against them. His Partner Tara is supposed to act as his girlfriend, but this turns into more as well.

Amber Burns has done an awesome job with this book. I loved how she actually took the bikers side of the story. In real life a lot of bikers get a bad rap over a few rough biker gangs. When in reality there are a lot of really good groups. Living among bikers myself I know all to well well that you can go to pretty much anyone of these people and they would give you the shirt off their backs. They are all like family. Even some of the not so straight bikers are the same way.

Gideon Welles narrates the audiobook and really hit home with this story. His voices and emotion really brought the story to life.

I listened to this book during an 8 hour drive to visit my daughter and it really helped pass the time and miles. I am looking forward to the listening or reading rest of this series.

I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review

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