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Miranda Bay by Susan Tarr

About the Book
Title: Miranda Bay
Author: Susan Tarr
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Miranda, a strong-minded and lovable young woman, splurges her inheritance on the old Miranda Bay
Sanatorium in the sub-tropical Bay of Islands, New Zealand, simply because it bears her name. She knows
little about running a business and depends heavily on loyal cousin Pansy's expertise. 

In her frantic drive for success Miranda hires a local character to get cracking on the property. Hamilton,
her lascivious financial advisor, seizes the opportunity to undermine her. But now with paying guests
expected, she must make some serious decisions. 

So the guests trickle in - hardly the sophisticates Miranda has envisaged. 

At the brink of despair, she experiences deepening depression and manic behavior. She contrives an
outlandish economic solution to the problem. What follow is intrigue and terror, and an emotional and tender
unfolding of events in the face of financial ruin. 

"Witty and wicked, scandalous and scary, this is a story to make you laugh and cry."

Excerpt 2
Miranda was so excited she felt like throwing up. She hopped about, impatient to meet the equivalent of royalty or pop stars, or whoever responded to her opening specials.
She’d taken a long shower in anticipation of how busy she was soon to become. When she came downstairs, she looked vibrant and fresh in her shamefully expensive clothes.
One of her most arresting aspects was her sincerity. She could, in any situation, summon up some kind of unreflective faith in herself. Little did she know she would need that faith today.
Pansy had tried to tell her there were crabs in the swimming pool, but Miranda was busy throwing off kilowatts of womanly brilliance. The air clean from the storm, she strutted out into a slice of thick golden spring haze.
Three couples took advantage of the fifty-percent discount. The first, honeymooners, walked sheepishly toward Miranda. Their car sound system was blaring, breaking the natural calm, smashing it into the surrounding hills.
“Welcome to MIRANDA BAY Beach Resort,” she gushed, a happy smile on her face. This being her first day she was wearing her most swoon-worthy dress. Months later, she was to remember everything about that day—the cleared weather, what she wore, the shapes the guests’ shadows made against the wall, and, as the day progressed, wind, rain and sand hurtling by at horrific speed.
She grabbed their suitcases, slinging a backpack across her shoulder, and hit the wet stairs. When she slipped, all but one cosmetic bag hit the ground from the fourth step. Those honeymooners kept her awake—their energetic echoes reverberated during the night. And since they had only paid their deposit, they had no qualms about leaving during the early hours.

Miranda was shocked to see their car gone since they had booked for two weeks. Yet another car was pulling up even as she ranted. They looked like nice people so she went to welcome the two elderly women before they even got out of their car. They were booking a whole week.

Author Bio
Susan Tarr has been writing for 25 years, drawing on her international travels, work within the NZ tourism
industry, and her work in various psychiatric hospitals within New Zealand.

She lived in Kenya, East Africa, for some years where she began her family.
Although she writes from personal experience, she also uses anecdotal information from conversations and
other peoples' stories, resulting in her characters taking on a life of their own and becoming larger than life.
She enjoys a wide variety of personalities.

Susan says, "As I write their stories, my characters will often lead me to places I couldn't imagine. So I relax
and let them form as they will. I am passionate about my writing and I usually have three books on the go at
any one time."

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