Monday, April 30, 2018

Long Live Dead Reckless (Long Live Dead Reckless #1) by Safari Spell

My Review: 3 1/2 *

I really tried to love this book and parts of it I did. The book kind of read like a high school drama more then a bunch of adults. Everyone seemed to be crushing on someone and for the most part the book was about the crushes. Once you wade through all of the romance or non romance the story is pretty good.

Talor has had some hard knocks recently. Her mother passes away, her father looses his sanity and burns down their house with her in it and ends up in the mental hospital. Talor is just trying to get through her last semester of college. She is working at a gym in the nursery at minimum wage and living with her grandmother.

In walks the new employee Sage. Immediately Talor falls head over heels for him, but he barely gives her the time of day. It turns out Sage has a lot of secrets. It's not that hes not into Taylor, he just doesn't want to scare her off so to speak.

A lot of stuff in the blurb you have to learn from the blurb itself. Like Talor being a Princess. No where in the book did she have a fairy tale life. Strangers do keep calling her a Princess, and I guess in the "other" world which she at first knows nothing about she is a Princess. But the blurb reads as if she is a spoiled little rich girl.

The book does feature Vampires, Sirens, and lots of Other World creatures, but not till the middle and the end.

This book was just confusing to me I guess. There were so many different stores going on at the same time especially towards the end. Plus I was just not into the high school drama stuff. Will I be reading the 2nd book. Umm, no probably not.

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