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Hot Mess: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized by Laurie Palau

Hot Mess: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized
by Laurie Palau


GENRE:   Lifestyle



Most of us have too much stuff and not enough places to put it. Combine that with our hectic modern
lives, and you’ve got a recipe for clutter catastrophe. Luckily, help is at hand. Hot Mess: A Practical
Guide to Getting Organized can show you how to simplify your life—and get control of your stuff.

In this new guide to streamlining and organizing your belongings, your house, and your life, author and
expert Laurie Palau gives you all the strategies you need to clear your clutter once and for all. This
comprehensive book offers clever storage ideas and decorating tips, but more importantly, it shows you
where your clutter comes from and how to change your approach. This makes it the definitive how-to for
dropping all the dead weight that’s been keeping you stressed and anxious. Just follow the hacks, tips,
and strategies Palau clearly outlines, and you’ll soon be sipping a vodka martini in your beautifully tidy
living room.

Whether you’re naturally neat or a total chaos magnet, this informative and amusing guide takes an
approach to organizing that’s as unique as you are. Let this witty little handbook be your new secret
weapon in the war on disorder!


Excerpt Two:
When my older daughter first started school, she would get off the bus, have a snack, and
immediately start her homework. That’s what I always did as a kid, and it made sense that she
would follow in my footsteps.  I never really gave it much thought until my younger daughter
started school.  She would come off the bus utterly exhausted. It was a struggle to get her to
unpack her backpack, let alone start her homework. Some days she would actually fall asleep
within minutes of walking in the door. Naturally, I wanted her to get her homework done, not just
for her sake, but for mine. I fought with her to sit down and do it immediately. I never took into
account she had ADHD and needed to decompress after sitting in school all day. Homework that
should have taken 30 minutes was taking upward of two hours.

After months of battles and tears (hers, not mine - I preferred wine), I finally had my light bulb
moment: I realized she goes into a valley in the afternoon. I never factored in her peak
productivity time, only mine. I discovered that if I gave her time to chill out and relax for an hour
first, she would come back more focused and less combative.

We all know when we are at our best, and when we are basically just going through the motions.  
Decluttering and organizing take both mental and physical strength, so being cognizant of your
peak productivity time (and that of those around you) is an important part of the process.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Laurie Palau is the founder of simply B organized, host of the weekly podcast, This ORGANIZED Life,
and author of the book HOT MESS: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized available in paperback and
kindle on amazon or Barnes & Noble.
She is a go-to Organizing Expert whose advice has been featured in The New York Times Parenting
Section, Family Circle, and Home + Table Magazine.  Laurie can also be seen sharing tips on the CBS
Philadelphia’s Morning Show & WFMZ in Allentown, PA. Whether speaking or working with clients
Laurie is authentic, relatable, inspiring, and highly entertaining.
When not organizing the world, Laurie can be found at home in Bucks County, PA with her husband
Josh, 2 girls (Zoe and Logan) and 2 dogs (Jeter and Oliver).  She loves coffee and Tito’s Vodka (not
together), and in her spare time she is actively involved with The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which
raises money for Pediatric Cancer Research.

Visit for a complete list of service offerings including free organizing
checklists, links to her podcast, blog and social media.
Interview with Laurie Palau
1. Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story? N/A

2. Convince us why you feel your book is a must read. Everyone struggles with clutter at one point or another. Even if you are super organized, you’re going to come in contact with co-workers, roommates, spouses or children who aren’t, and understanding how to communicate with them is half the battle. Regardless of your age or gender, HOT MESS: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized is like a survival guide to help navigate too much stuff or too many demands.

3. Have you written any other books that are not published? No

4. Pen or type writer or computer? Computer

5. Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans? If you like my book, please leave me a review and share with your peeps!



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