Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Burning Love By Jana Richards

Jane Richards has done a great job with this cute Romance. Yes I said cute. This is a sweet love story with divine intervention. This is a clean book it mentions making love but does not give the details, their is also no fol language. 

The book is narrated by Kathleen Miranti. She does a pretty good job with all the character voices. She does over enunciate a bit to much but other then that she does a great job.

Angelica is a Angel in training. She has managed to make a mess in every department they have put her in. They finally put her in the romance division under Hildegard her supervisor. Angelica's first case is Riley and Iris. They are soul mates and it is Angelica's job to get the 2 of them together, and prove herself to the higher ups in the Angel Division.

Iris Jensen gets evicted after starting a cooking fire in her apartment for the 3rd time. Now looking for a place to stay she ends up at Riley's house, looking to rent a room. She just needs a place to stay for 6 weeks until she starts working on a cruise ship.

Riley Benson is a firefighter. He knows all to well after putting out the fires in Iris's apartment, she would not be the best tenant. After a promise from iris that she will only be staying 6 weeks and will not touch the stove Riley agrees to let her stay.

Angelica and Hildegard try to work their magic to make Riley and Iris see that they are meant for each other. With only 6 weeks they need to work fast.

I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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