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The Rake and the Bishop’s Daughter by Julia Donner

The Rake and the Bishop’s Daughter
by Julia Donner


GENRE: Regency Romance



Society’s beloved wastrel, Sir Harry Collyns, pushes his popularity past the point of acceptability when
he poses for a statue that creates a social uproar. People line up for blocks to see Handsome Harry in
the nude, sculpted by a female artist! Bored with the fuss and scandal, Harry hitches up his fastest
team, heads for the country, and a near fatal curricle accident. When the bandages are removed from
his head days later, he discovers the angel-voiced widow who’d cared for him is neither elderly nor as
mild as her tone, but a straight-laced do-gooder unimpressed with his flamboyant past and dashing
good looks. Head-battered and heading for a broken heart, he falls into love with Widow Olivia St.
Clair, who might be the one woman in England that Harry can’t charm into loving him back.

Exclusive Excerpt:

The ache of humiliation spread through her chest. Asterly must know or at least suspect a pregnancy. Rumor had it that she wasn’t the first female Harry had left in a family way. She certainly couldn’t be the only other instance, if the tales were true regarding his fleet of mistresses. Common knowledge accepted that Harry fathered the Wethermore heir. No one seemed to mind, not even the cuckolded Sir Hubert. But that was never the case for an unwed mother. Fathering a bastard was often waved off with casual indulgence, while the hapless mother received the brunt of the responsibility. Another reminder of why she disliked the ton—which brought her back to her purpose.

“My lord, may we be frank?” When he dipped his chin in a nod of agreement, she forged on. “I have assumed that you and your brother have discussed the particulars of our present situation.”

“Allow me to clarify my understanding, Mrs. St. Clair. You and your family recently condescended to recognize my brother’s paternity due to the dictates of societal conformity. Apparently, this change of heart came about without any sense of fairness to Harry nor the acceptance of the existence of his honor.”

Her cheeks tingled. Why must her father be so disagreeable? He’d always been strict, but since receiving the bishopric, he adopted an unattractive comportment. Arrogance was never wise. The church was as political as the government, and the Asterly’s were influential in all circles.

She didn’t suppose Asterly’s present attitude stemmed from personal insult, only protectiveness for his brother. That eased her discomfort and guilt, but still left her with some significant fence-mending. She forced her shoulders back and out of the onset of defeat’s inward curl.

“Please, Lord Asterly, I ask you not to judge me by the strictures of my family’s beliefs and its requirements made on me. I beg you to not think me so unfeeling that I haven’t suffered regret for my family’s disobliging behavior. Forcing Harry’s hand, as if he wouldn’t comply, or wouldn’t immediately address an obligation, may have been implied by Father and Grandfather. That was never my intention. I can only blame their actions as those of overly protective parents and family. I’m sure you can appreciate those sentiments.”

His stance relaxed slightly.  “And I will also speak candidly. I’ve tried to reserve judgment, finding it impossible that Harry could have such unwavering devotion to a woman without heart. It goes without saying that few can resist the fellow. The one he’s dueling with at the moment is the only female I know of who can. My wife’s besotted with the creature.”

“Did you say dueling?”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Julia Donner (aka M.L.Rigdon) grew up in historic Galena, IL, USA, and spent most of her time in the
museum of her aunt, who encouraged her interest in history and understood the need to cherish a
dream. She started writing in secret in her teens and never stopped, merging it with her mother's
encouragement to study theater and music, which led to performing in the Midwest, California and as
far away as Austria.

Donner never forgot what it was like to write alone as a girl and is a happy member of Summit City
Scribes. Concern for the failing educational system led her to develop Your Futures in Ink, a panel of
local and regional authors, who go into to schools to encourage students and answer questions about

THE TIGRESSE AND THE RAVEN, first book in the regency Friendship Series, is an RWA contest
finalist. The ninth book in the series, A ROGUE FOR MISS PRIM and the tenth, AN AMERICAN FOR
AGNES, are available now. A LAIRD’S PROMISE will be released by Spring 2018.

M.L Rigdon (aka Julia Donner)

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