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The October Men by David Impey

The October Men
David Impey

Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Conspiracy Thriller

Publisher: Big Bear

Publication date: 20 March 2018

ISBN: 9781912145799

Pages: 339

Book Description:

Otto Parsons, a brilliant Oxford physicist, is missing. His early experiments on zero gravity machines have produced unimaginable results. His professor, Dan Sibley, has to secure funding for their work or close the project down.

A wealthy organisation has made him an offer to secure the project’s future. Only now, it seems his backers may have an altogether more sinister agenda. Wheels are in motion that cannot be stopped.

What is it that connects their work with the assassination of JFK, the Roswell Incident, the Wall Street Crash and a mysterious cache of priceless art?

And who are the shadowy partners of the October Foundation? The answers will threaten the safety of everyone on the planet.

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About the Author:

This is the first full-length novel by David Impey. He originally graduated in Chemistry and, afterwards, worked in high-tech industry either on the marketing/commercial side or in advertising.

David has helped write campaigns with a heavy emphasis on demystifying supposedly obscure areas of science that affect everybody on a day-to-day basis and has won several awards for his work.

His first published work was an April Fool’s article in a yachting magazine and, since then, David has been a frequent columnist, contributor to industry journals and online blogs, as well as setting up some and editing others. He also developed a TV series about health called “The Dose”.

When he’s not writing, David is a composer, producer, and keyboardist. He has worked as a musician for 20 years principally as a composer of soundtrack music for corporate clients ranging from sherry to paint to insurance and cruise lines.

Some of his music has been used extensively by TV companies across Europe including the UK and the Netherlands. David lives near Oxford with his wife and insane dog.

Interview with David Impey
Where do you get inspiration for your stories?
Usually an idle thought will stroke me when I’m out on a walk with the dog. The next question will be ‘what if’ and that will take me off on all sorts of wild tangents – some of them end up the backbone of the final plot.
How did you do research for your book?
Well, the internet is of course a huge resource. A good starting point is Wikipedia (which has probably done more to improve global knowledge and understanding than any other website I can think of) but, where possible, I try to dig down into the eye-witness accounts where they exist. It’s surprising how much in the way of primary source material is on the net. This includes stuff such as:
  • The memoirs of an army surgeon during the Great War
  • The account of the daughter of the man who witness the Roswell Incident
  • The transcripts of the Warren Commission into the JFK assassination
  • All the letters from Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo
Do you have another profession besides writing?
Yes. I worked in the life sciences industry on the R&D side of things
If you could go back in time, where would you go?
Gosh! Funnily enough, my ambitions are a bit modest there. I’d like to go back to the 60s and witness the birth of the Swinging Sixties as an adult, instead of as a child. I loved it then and could see that something unprecedented was taking place; I just couldn’t experience it first-hand (although I might give the LSD and the Quaaludes a miss!)
What is your next project?

I am working on a novel about the pharmaceutical industry. Obviously, I can’t say too much at this stage other than to say that it won’t follow the normal tropes of the genre! Watch this space…

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