Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sweet Hollow Women by Holly Tierney-Bedord


Sweet Hollow Woman is the story of 4 generations of woman in the same family. The story tells the ups and downs of these woman's lives. you get the story of Louisa, Maggie, Rhonda and Carasine. The book does alternate chapters between each woman and at times was  bit confusing to me especially during the first part of the book, trying to figure out each woman's place in the family tree so to speak.

I did enjoy that you learned each woman's history and followed their lives. Each of the paths that are taken by each of the woman are interwoven. The choices by one woman effect the other 3 in some way.

This is not a happy fairy tale story. This woman do not have an easy care free life. This takes a real life look into these ladies lives. There is heartbreak and grief as well as good times. The book does run a bit slow, there is not a lot of excitement involved. But it is not a bad read.

I was given my copy of this book from the offer and Lola's Blog Tours. My review is my own thoughts on the book.

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