Thursday, March 29, 2018

Queen of Souls By: Jennifer Kohout Narrated by: Sierra Kline


For the first about 7 hours of the book it was pretty much mindless sex with tidbits of a story line. The last 5 hours of the book really got into the story and had tidbits of mindless sex.
I did enjoy the book though. I really enjoyed the actual story line of the book.

The story line is a murder mystery, that's not really a mystery because you know who committed it, the other characters although do not know who or even how the murder was committed.

The story takes place at a Pleasure House in the depths of Hell. One of the Pleasure Slaves is missing without a trace. Nox is the mistress of the house and also the daughter of Lucifer himself. She is a soul eater. She can take a small part of your soul with just a touch, or she can take your whole soul if she is inclined.

Caedus and Balthazar are 2 members or the Dark Guard. They protect demons from sorcerers that can bind them and use their powers in the Human Realm.

When Nox first lays eyes on Caedus and Balthazar she knows their are her Soul Mates. Caedus and Balthazar once lost their female Iliana to suicide and have struggled with letting her go. Caedus and Balthazar are also longtime lovers. After the death of Iliana Caedus has turned cold and Balthazar has struggled to keep them together.

When they meet Nox  Balthazar is ready to start fresh, Caedus not so much. When the Pleasure Slave comes up missing and Nox asks for their help, as the 3 investigate Caedus changes his mind about not wanting a life with Nox.

There is pretty much every kind of sex you can dream up in this book.

Sierra Kline is the narrator and has an amazing voice. She kept me in enthralled in the story. Her voice was so easy to listen too, She done an amazing job with all the voices as well as all the emotion in the book. I will be looking for more books narrated by her, as well as books written by Jennifer Kohout.

I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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