Thursday, March 8, 2018

Grave Truths by Liberty Forrest

This short novella is the prequel to The Montgomery Chronicles series. It  brings to light how Robert and Lucy meet and it is love at first sight. There are also a few ghosts thrown in to give it a creepy vibe along the way.

I have not read any of the series yet but they are now on my list of find now books. I cannot wait to dive into the series. If the rest of the series is anything like the prequel this will be an awesome series.

Robert Montgomery has finished medical and is ready to head to Tennessee to start his new job as Doctor. Strange things happen as he is ready to head out the  door. He turns the door knob but it will not open. Then furniture moves in front of the door by itself. As he picks up the phone to call for help he gets no dial tone just an old song. When he is finally able to get out of the apartment he goes to the bus station to find he has missed his bug. He heads to the post office to send a message to his sister who is waiting for his arrival in Tennessee to let her know he is delayed.

Lucille "Lucy" D Watson is set to marry George Williams in 3 days. She has her reservations and feels like he is hiding something from her, but she feels that she owes this wedding to both families. While at the post office picking up her mail and man Robert literally runs into her. There is immediate chemistry. Later on she runs into him at a cafe. After sharing a very long lunch with Robert. He asks her for just one evening in her company. She agrees. And that is the beginning of the story.

I was given my copy of the book via the Author to read. My review is my own thoughts.

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