Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wolf Sanctuary: The Wolves of Speedwell Forge by Chuck Rineer

What a wonderful book. Not only are there photo's of wolves but there is also a lot of information about wolves.  The book features The Wolves of Speedwell Forge Wold Sanctuary in Pennsylvania.

In 1976 The Darlington family was given a wolf dog. In 1980 the state of Pennsylvania decided that wolves were exotic pets, and that all owners of exotic pets needed a special permit in order to keep their pets. Of course the Darlington's applied for the permit. After receiving the permit to keep their wolves the Game Commission came to them to ask if they would consider letting them bring wolves to them instead of euthanizing them. And that was the beginning of the Wolf Sanctuary. Now more then 3 decades later the Sanctuary is still going strong. In 2007 the Sanctuary starting giving tours and educational programs in order to get more people to visit.

Chuck Rineer the author of the book has been volunteering since 2007 at the sanctuary. He has done an amazing job with the photos in this book. Documenting these beautiful animals and sharing them with the world.

I loved reading the stories and tidbits featuring the wolves by name. I would love to someday go and visit the sanctuary in person.

I received this book from the Author or Publisher via to read and review.

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