Thursday, February 22, 2018

No Life, Only Death by Francheska Fifield

Life, Only Death
Francheska Fifield

YA SciFi

a killer save a species doomed to extinction?

is a killer. After her past was destroyed by an alien invasion her
job, her life, has been about survival. It is not always easy. Her
only, sometimes, partner in this is Phillip a killer who fights for
revenge. Neither have pure motives for fighting the aliens that
killed so many and continue to battle humanity for space domination
but they are ok with that. There is only one problem.

next step in the Helen's plan, according to her boss, is to go to the
academy. The training grounds for the next generation of military
fighting the invaders. At the academy is a link to Helen's past she
may or may not be ready to face….her ex-fiancĂ© Nick who thinks she
is dead.
can fly any jet, fire any weapon, and is a master in all hand to hand
combat. She can even pretend to fight the good fight alongside the
pure hearted military boys thinking they will save the world but when
push comes to shove she's a killer. She survived Nick's abandonment
of her, the aliens killing her entire village, witnessing and
experiencing things no human should go through, and now she will have
to survive a plot against the entire population of Earth, even if it
means destroying what remains of her past.
has no life anymore; the only thing that matters is death…hopefully

Excerpt 2:

“We aren't defenseless. We can fight, you know.”
I turned to look at Nick. “None of you, not even the graduates, are ready for what is out there. You’ll be killing not only the enemy but some of us as well. Well, partially us. You’ll be committing genocide. Can you honestly not feel bad or angry that you are being forced to kill? The rules of warfare mean nothing. You do whatever you must do to survive. Even if that means killing one of your own because they are in the way of your survival. Can you do that?”
“Can you?”
I sighed and turned back around. “I already have.” I walked towards the stairs. I needed to shower and get my head fixed. After a shower and some first aid I could think better, straight and with a clear head. Then I would call Jane and argue my point.

Story Award 2017 Nominee for NY Literary Magazine

enjoy writing everything. I like to read a variety and I write
because it makes me happy and allows me to use the voices in my head
for a good cause. To entertain other people. :)

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