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Interwoven by Michelle Montebello

by Michelle Montebello


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



Belle Hamilton is a romantic at heart. She's engaged to the love of her life and dreams of marriage,
children and a happily ever after. Belle’s world is close to perfect until one afternoon she makes a
decision she can't take back.

In the blink of an eye, Belle’s life spirals out of control. She loses everything that is dear to her and is
forced to flee to the other side of the world where she meets Andrea, a local bartender from Rome,
and develops an unexpected connection with him.

Can they break through the complications of past hurts and a long-distance relationship to make it
work or will one terrifying night in Paris end it before it had a chance to begin?


EXCERPTS (Exclusive Excerpt):

Belle hurried down the front steps and burst onto the street, the cool twilight air stinging her cheeks.
She was dizzy, bewildered and she clutched the front gate to steady herself. Tears slid down her
cheeks, hot and salty.

She didn’t know what to do. She wanted desperately to march back in there and demand they tell her
what was going on but she wasn’t confrontational; she wasn’t fearless like that. She’d freeze, the sight
of the room would consume her. She’d see that girl’s face—the long silver hair, the bright red lips.

I thought you’d gotten rid of her.

Belle let go of the gate and began to walk away from the terrace. The street started to swim before
her eyes and she knew what was coming. She stopped to retch in the gutter and a passing motorist
tooted a horn and cheered out the window at her.

Belle stood and caught her breath, pushing the ends of her braids away from her face. She retrieved
a tissue from her bag and wiped her mouth. Vomit lingered in the back of her throat, sour and acidic.

Ben’s having an affair!

She took a deep, shuddering breath and plucked her phone from her bag. She may not have been
able to go back inside to confront them both but she needed to speak to him. She needed to know
what was going on. With trembling fingers she compiled a text—Ben, please come outside. We need
to talk.

She sent it and waited.

The moon was making its entrance far off in the eastern sky; nightfall was on the doorstep. Five minute
s passed agonisingly by as she craned her neck to scan his front yard in the dying twilight. All was
quiet and still. She heard no opening of the front door, no crunching of leaves beneath his shoes, just
the sigh of the trees and the odd car passing by. Street lights flickered on above her and the breeze
rippled beneath her thin cotton shirt. Come on, Ben. Where are you?

He was sure to have seen the message by now. His phone was never far from his side. Why wasn’t
he replying? She sent a second text—Ben, please!

She saw the lights in his bedroom flicker on and she held her breath. Any minute now he would
emerge onto the balcony to look for her.

The house remained silent. She saw no one, heard nothing, and her heart sank. He wasn’t coming to
find her. He didn’t even care that she was out here.

Belle wiped her face and started back toward the bus stop. She wanted to get away from his house,
away from that girl who lay on their sheets, away from what they’d been doing in his bed. She was
disgusted. It made her feel sick.

She just wanted to go home.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Michelle Montebello was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her husband and
two young children. She has always had a passion for reading, writing and the dramatic arts and she
spent most of her childhood immersed in books, writing stories and performing in plays.
She has worked full-time in the corporate sector since 1998. It wasn't until she completed a writing
course with James Patterson that she was inspired to write and publish her first novel, Interwoven, in
In addition to her writing, she also has a passion for travel and loves to combine her two favourite
things - creative writing and travelling - to create vibrant worlds for her characters to explore.
When this busy mum is not working, chasing little ones or searching under beds for monsters, she
can be found reading, writing or plotting her next story.


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