Monday, February 26, 2018

Gothic Tales of Haunted Love by Edited by S.M. Beiko and Hope Nicholson


Gothic tales of haunted love is a new comics anthology curated by Hope Nicholson. It is not your normal book of paranormal stories. The comic book style actually gives to some of the stories as well as some it takes from. There were a few stories int he book I would of loved to read a whole book on instead of a few pages of comics.

The stories were good do not get me wrong I am just not a big comic book kind of girl. There are 19 stories packed into this book. There are pretty much every paranormal entity I can imagine in this book from Ghosts to just plain old murders.  The stories are short. There are only 216 pages in the book.

The art work is done very well and tell the story pretty well without any words. The story Minefield is mostly not in English so I had to rely on the pictures. It is a story from 1950's Vietnam.

I did enjoy the story The Return. It is about an Indian who brings back his love who has died. She was actually engaged to another man. When they brought the man in to see her after hr return he was mortified but her. She had not been fully returned to the living yet. When she was fully returned to her formal self and her beauty restored the Fiance decided he did then want her back. /She tells him no since he did not love her enough to want her when she was ugly she would not take him now that she was fully restored.

I received this book from the Author or Publisher via to read and review.

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