Monday, February 19, 2018

Flags Across America by Karen S Robbins

My husband was in the Army, so our house is pretty Patriotic. Yes we fly the flag proudly, actually we have a few flying. When I saw this book on Netgalley I requested it. My husband and I set here and looked through the book. Both of us were very proud the way the Author has put this book together. There are so many photos in this book I cannot just name one that I liked the most. But there is one photo of an eagle setting on a post with a flag across from it. The eagles seems to be staring at the flag. The photos in the book cover the history of the flag as well as how people and towns still to this day celebrate with the flag and just fly it in general. Lots of pictures from the original living flag in 1953 to bicycles made for 2 decorated with flags. There are some short interviews with people who donated photos to the book also. This really is a great book. And it brings a feeling of pride for Old Glory to your soul.

I received this book from the Author or Publisher via to read and review.

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