Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Close To You by B.M. Sandy

To You
B.M. Sandy

Contemporary Romance

just wants to be set free.

just might have the key.

Coffey is on the run. After arriving in Brooklyn four months ago, she
perfected the art of looking over her shoulder. Her only goal is to
make it through another day without being discovered.

Iain Sheppard unexpectedly walks into her life, Michele’s first
instinct is to retreat. Falling in love is not in her plan, and after
what she’s been through, she’s not ready to trust anyone yet.
Maybe ever.

is a rugged, sexy freelancer, born and raised in Brooklyn. After
showing up at the bar she works at one night, he leaves a note,
asking to show Michele the city. It goes against every rule she has
set in place for herself. She wants to forget about him and his
offer, but something about him draws her in. She can’t shake it, so
she agrees.

Michele doesn’t know is that Iain knows more about her than he’s
letting on.

clock is ticking. Michele knows that her time is running out,
especially after a stunning reveal that draws her and Iain even

their attraction grows deeper, she can’t stop looking over her
shoulder, waiting for inevitable disaster. And she can’t help but
ask herself if she escaped one prison, only to lock herself into a
new one of her own making.

she ever be set free?

Excerpt 2

It wasn’t the right time to feel this way, to think these thoughts. But I
couldn’t stop myself from asking.
“Do you feel this too?” My hands were itching to touch her, to reach up to
her face and draw her in. Suddenly, that very thought consumed me; I
could think of hardly anything else.
“Yes,” she breathed. My heart sped even faster as I watched her stare at me
as if frozen.
“I want to kiss you so badly right now.” Her eyes flashed, cheeks visibly
flushing from my words.
“Then do it.”

I didn’t need telling twice. I leaned in, pausing briefly before our lips touched, feeling her warm breath against my mouth. And then I kissed her.

M. Sandy lives in Youngstown, Ohio with her husband, one-eyed cat
child, Maia, and as of June 2017, a rescue dog named Dorothy. She’s
a lover of books, film, and all things imaginary. Someone to Stay is
her first published novel.

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