Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Witch's Bane (Demon Assassins #2) by Ann Gimpel

Book 2 of the Demon Assassins series is Roz's story and her romance with Ronin who is a Daoine Sidhe. But before it gets into the romance we go to Colleen and Duncan's wedding from book 1. The wedding is interrupted by Demon's out to kill the 3 witches and the Sidhe. Roz pretty much takes charge in the battle

I actually love Roz's character. She is a tough girl. She takes charge in just about every situation. I really love when a writer makes a tough but fun woman. Warning: This book really has several hot and steamy, down and dirty sex scenes. If that is not your thing you may want to be prepared to skip some pages or find another series.

I have to be honest I liked this book better than book one. Which is weird usually the second book doesn't hold a candle to the original book. Can't wait to get book 3 read to see if it takes me over the moon.

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