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War Eternal: Angels' Whispers Blog Tour


Author: J.F. Cain

Publisher: Independent

Pages: 355

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance

Alex Meyers, a dynamic, global
entrepreneur, has an advantage that no other human has ever had: he is
protected by Aranes, the Superior
of the Angels. While he is skiing, he dies in an avalanche, but his
all-powerful protector breaks one of the ethereal world’s most important Rules
and brings him back to life. Alex falls head over heels in love with the
beautiful Angel, who appears to him in human form. But she disappears just as
suddenly as she had appeared.
While he searches for Aranes,
Alex discovers her true identity and that he actually might be the high-ranking
Celestial Abaddon, who is mentioned in the Revelations prophecy as the one who
will defeat Lucifer.
The man who fate has thrust
among the world’s superpowers is now living a nightmare. He wants to evade
Lucifer’s pursuit, find out who he truly is and once again see the only being
he has ever loved. And the only way to do it is to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Angels’ Whispers is the
beginning of an epic tale set in modern times. The eternal war between Light
and Darkness is at a critical turning point: Angels and Demons, invisible to
mortal beings, battle for dominance in the physical world, while Guardians,
Vampires and Werewolves, who live among the humans, find themselves on opposing
sides in a deadly power game.


When they had left the road
and its noise far enough behind them, Alex jerked to a stop. He turned to
Aranes, let her hand go and grabbed her by the arms.
“Who are
you? Or should I ask what are you?”
They Angel
looked him steadily in the eye, not speaking. She had come to the physical
plane to prepare him for what was to follow and this was the best way to show
him that there were some things that couldn’t be said.
“What do
you want from me?” Alex continued. “Has some competitor put you up to
approaching me?”
it’s nothing like that,” Aranes said hurriedly to allay his undue worry.
The storm
that had risen in Alex’s eyes seemed to calm and the frothy-wave-like silver
streaks in his irises began to roll gently against their deep blue backdrop.
Then could you explain some things to me?”
everything else she had to do, the Angel also had to leave hints about her
nature. Soon her protégé would replay their discussions and would analyze her
every word to reach some conclusions.
“I can’t
right now,” she replied, capturing his gaze in hers so that she could send him
non-verbal messages.
Her calm
expression and steady gaze made Alex wonder. She seemed sincere. But why didn’t
she give him a specific answer?
going on?” he asked, confusion written all over his face. “Tell me, what should
I think? You appear out of nowhere, drag me out of an avalanche, treat me as if
I’m special to you and then drop me, only to appear out of nowhere again,
knowing that I’ve been looking for you. Don’t you also think that all this is a
little strange?”
“Yes, it
is,” the Angel agreed. “Please, be patient. Soon you’ll have the answers you
Alex would
not give in.
rather have them now, starting with who you are.”
question will be answered soon, too,” Aranes replied and rested her palm in the
middle of his chest. “Look into my eyes, Alex, and tell me. Do you believe I
would ever harm you?”
He looked
bewilderedly down at her hand on his chest. It felt as if a wave of warmth
passed from her palm into his body, filling him with an indescribable sweetness
and wonderful emotions unknown to him until now. He looked up and searched her
unearthly eyes for an answer to this transcendental feeling, and found much
more. In her effort to calm him and win his trust, the Angel unveiled her soul
and let him see how she felt.
Alex saw
her eyes overflowing with love and was stunned.
This woman
seemed to adore him. It couldn’t be! She knew him so little. To be precise, she
didn’t know him at all. You don’t know her either but you’re crazy about her,
he thought in response.
“No,” he
admitted, now calm. “But I don’t like all this mystery. How did you know I’ve
been looking for you, and why doesn’t the cabin’s owner know you?”
always an explanation for everything”, Aranes replied, her gaze fixed on his.
“Isn’t that so?”
don’t you just tell me who you are? Are you really called Theodora? What’s your
last name?”
“I don’t
have a last name.”
not possible. Everybody has one,” Alex insisted gently.
“I don’t,
because I don’t need it.”
Aranes let
a brief moment of silence elapse to give him time to think.
He was
looking at her in puzzlement. He didn’t know what to think. He didn’t know
anyone without a last name. Where had this woman come from?
the Angel went on. “You have an extremely well-developed intuition. Listen to
it and stay calm, no matter what happens.”
mention of his intuition caught him completely unawares. Alarm bells started
ringing in his head again.
going to happen? And how do you know about my intuition?” he asked with a
bewildered and at the same time suspicious look.
Forced to
provide only that information which his mental state could handle, Aranes
didn’t answer his question. She went on:
“There are
things you cannot see, but can sense. Don’t try to explain everything using
I don’t use reason I’ll go mad!” Alex said
with a measure of the irritation that lay dormant inside him and just wouldn’t
be expressed in its true form.
He was
annoyed with himself for not protesting, and for letting her put his head
through the wringer without asking for anything more than the necessary
explanations—and yet he was happy they were together. It was crazy, is what it
calm and collected in times of crisis is characteristic of a superior nature,
and I believe you are one of them,” Aranes told him, wanting to prepare him for
what would happen in the immediate future.
in nature was the last thing that Alex felt right then. Reason was bombarding
his mind with questions and warnings, and there he stood, helpless to react. He
wondered at his calm. He should normally have freaked out when she mentioned
his intuition and with everything else she told him. But his will seemed to
have surrendered to a hypnotic suggestion. What held him in its grip?
Not having
any clue about the supernatural powers used on him, the answer was simple: her
exquisite face, captivating scent, divine body and basically everything about
her, her intellectual qualities included of course, that drove him delirious
with love and made him want to make her his at all costs. It was a good excuse
for his passiveness, otherwise why would he be acting like a mentally retarded
adult? It wasn’t like him at all.

F. Cain is a writer with a restless mind who spent years of her life reading
and traveling. But of all the places she has been to, her favorite is a house
in the mountains where she can focus on her writing. She is a seeker of
knowledge who transcribes the results of her studies in her books. Her favorite
pastime –other than reading and writing- is scouring libraries. However, she
has lately convinced herself that she enjoys shopping just as much, as well as
spending time with family and friends –the few that can still tolerate her
frequent and extended periods of absence. 


 Thanks for the interview, J.F. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea for the War Eternal series?
J.F.: The image of a female Angel had been stuck in my mind for many months and a story spontaneously began to be woven around her. One evening, totally out of the blue, I decided to write this story. I felt the need to share my personal conclusions from the research I had been doing over many years on various scientific subjects. And the ‘eternal war’ that exists between opposing forces on every plane, from the quantum to the philosophical, was the best context in which I could tell my story. Having read the works of classical and modern writers who have delved into the subject, I now knew how to express my views both allegorically and realistically. But I tried to convey the primordial myth of the search for self-knowledge and cosmic truths in a more attractive way. The views presented in my story are unconventional and are often expressed through symbols and allegories – in myths, the truth always remains hidden. Of course, I do not fail to highlight the predominant role of love and passion, which together transcend space and time and even unite opposites – the human and the transcendent, good and evil – as their common denominator.
I’d like to learn more about Alex Meyers. Can you tell us a little about him?
J.F.: Alexander Meyers is a handsome, intelligent and tough businessman who wants to revolutionize the energy industry. His aim to save the Earth from the coming ecological destruction is the main reason why the Superior of the Angels supports his efforts. Alex is a skeptic with an analytical mind and is very knowledgeable. Because he is a rationalist, he struggles to accept that there’s a chance he is an incarnated Celestial whose mission it is to rid humanity of Lucifer’s dominance. Yet, despite being a charismatic individual, he has some serious shortcomings. The most important is his inability to feel an emotional connection with any woman. He finally finds love when he meets the Superior of the Angels – that is, he finds love, but not happiness. Because of this love, he will be forced to transcend his personal limits, both biological and ideological. Whether he will be able to stop doubting and finally accept that he may just be something more than an ordinary man remains to be seen.
Can you tell us a little about the other characters?
J. F.: In every epic tale, there are a great number of characters. In my story, there are humans and terrestrial supernaturals, as well as hyperdimensional entities that are active in different worlds. Each character has their own role in this multifaceted story. Some strive to break the bonds of the power holding them hostage – primarily spiritually – so that they can achieve their goals. By taking this step towards freedom, they achieve self-knowledge and also the knowledge of the purpose of their existence. Their weapon in this fight for freedom is doubt, which helps them to grow spiritually and consequently to gain freedom. Of course, there are also those characters that are unable to escape from their confining world theory. They will inevitably fall prey to the power of those who will bring about the changes we will see in the story.
They say all books of fiction have at least one pivotal point where the reader can’t put the book down. Can you give us one of those pivotal points in War Eternal: Angels’ Whispers?
 J.F.: The pivotal point is when the Superior of the Angels saves our main hero, which sparks a series of critical developments. Of course, there are also other points in the story and an important one at the end, which serves as a prelude to the second book.
What’s next for you, J.F.?
J.F.: The second book will be released in April 2018. There will be more action, earth-shattering revelations and unexpected twists that will propel the story to a new plane for readers.


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